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Is employment difficult? What to do with the household registration file after graduation? How to seek employment and entrepreneurship policy support and service assistance? College graduates who are confused about job hunting and employment are here. A few days ago, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security specially launched an open course on employment guidance for college graduates, inviting industry experts to answer questions through video clips to help graduates move smoothly into the workplace. The content of the guidance course includes three aspects: employment situation and policy interpretation, employment services and information acquisition, employment processes and procedures, and will be released in batches. Through the study of the course, you can understand the employment market conditions and national preferential policies, master job search methods, be familiar with employment procedures, and make adequate preparations for job search. The first course on the line is "How to get the graduation process", which mainly explains the employment process, procedures and precautions. College graduates can log on to the website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, or follow the WeChat public account of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security to browse and watch.

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