Vigorously promote student entrepreneurship and innovation of technical colleges and universities to promote higher quality employment——The person in charge of the professional capacity building department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security answered questions from reporters on the first national technical college student entrepreneurship and innovation contest

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Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the "Notice on the Launch of the First National Technological College Student Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition", and decided to organize the first National Technological College Student Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition (hereinafter referred to as the abbreviation hereinafter) from August to November 2019. Contest). The person in charge of the professional capacity building department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs answered questions from reporters on related issues.

Q: Could you tell us the background of the competition?

Answer: This competition is the first national student entrepreneurship innovation competition organized by our ministry based on the following considerations.

First, implement the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council. The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the work of entrepreneurship and innovation, and vigorously implement the innovation-driven development strategy, employment priority strategy, and the strategy of strengthening the country by talents. In order to implement the requirements of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation," and to cover entrepreneurial innovation policies in technical colleges and universities, the General Office of our Ministry issued the "Notice on Promoting the Innovation and Innovation Work of Students in Technical Colleges and Institutions", and explicitly proposed the establishment of national technical colleges and universities. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition.

The second is to have a good working foundation for the competition. In recent years, various types of entrepreneurial innovation competitions have been widely held in various places, and various technical colleges and universities have actively organized teachers and students to participate. For example, the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Affairs organized an innovation and entrepreneurship competition for technical colleges and universities in the province, which brought about 10,000 teachers and students from more than 80 technical colleges and universities in the province to participate in the competition. National technical colleges and universities continue to popularize entrepreneurship and innovation education. For example, Guangzhou Institute of Industry and Trade Technologists has opened general courses such as "Innovative Thinking" and "Basics of Entrepreneurship" for all students, to improve students' awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship, and to build training places such as innovation workshops and crowd-creation spaces. Students optimize innovative works to create an entrepreneurial environment.

Third, students of technical colleges and universities have broad prospects for entrepreneurship and innovation. Technical colleges are specialized schools that train front-line skilled workers in production and service. As of the end of 2018, there were 2,379 technical colleges and universities in China, with 3.416 million students, and the graduate employment rate has remained above 97%. Through the education of technicians, the students of technical colleges and universities generally have solid vocational skills. Among them, senior students and preparatory technicians (technical technicians) have more than 38.1% of students in school. Some of them have learned advanced manufacturing technologies such as CNC machining, mechatronics, industrial robots, new energy vehicles, 3D printing, etc., some have learned emerging industry skills such as network system management, business software development, website design, etc. Fashion technology, 3D digital games, graphic design technology and other fashion creative majors, some learned baking, cooking, beauty salons, hotel management, restaurant services, health care and other service skills, these skills are pragmatic, grounded, market shortage, The demand is strong, students can start a business alone or jointly, open a small store, be a small boss, rely on their skills to work out a new world, and open up new development space for the mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

Q: What is the purpose of the competition?

Answer: By holding a competition to further promote the training of entrepreneurial and innovative talents in technical colleges, improve the entrepreneurial consciousness and entrepreneurial ability of technical college students, guide students to learn vocational skills to achieve entrepreneurial innovation, and drive more students into entrepreneurship based on their learned skills. Optimize the entrepreneurial innovation development environment through the platform built by the competition, identify outstanding entrepreneurial and innovative skills and entrepreneurial innovation projects in technical colleges and universities, create better conditions in terms of resource integration, technical support and policy guarantees, and promote entrepreneurial innovation of technical college students Success rate to support entrepreneurial and innovative talents to achieve higher quality employment. At the same time, the competition will actively seek the attention and support of party committees and governments at all levels and all sectors of the society, and invite central, provincial, and municipal mainstream media reporters to interview and report on the contestants, relying on our media and WeChat public accounts to publicize and report on the competition from different angles. , Make full use of news media such as radio, television, newspapers, and the Internet, and strive to expand the coverage of the promotion and the influence of the contest, further create a good atmosphere of entrepreneurship and innovation, stimulate the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and innovation of technical colleges and students, and guide a wider range of social resources to support technicians College students entrepreneurial innovation.

Q: Could you briefly introduce the organization of the competition?

Answer: The competition is hosted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and hosted by China Human Resources and Social Security Publishing Group and Anhui Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security. The competition is divided into three stages: preliminary, rematch and national. August-September is the preliminary stage and the semi-final stage. The preliminary stage is organized by various technical colleges and universities, and the semi-stage is organized by the provincial human resources and social security departments. October to November is the national competition stage. The on-site evaluation of the national competition was held in November in Hefei, Anhui Province.

In order to strengthen the organization, leadership and overall coordination of the competition, through the formulation of the competition plan, the establishment of the competition organizing committee, the convening of work deployment meetings, the organization of expert evaluation training and other tasks to clarify the main tasks of each phase of the competition to ensure the orderly development of the competition. The competition has a judging committee and an arbitration committee, which are responsible for formulating competition-related management methods and various technical documents, competition evaluation and arbitration work, etc., to ensure that the competition is more open, fair, and efficient.

Q: Who can participate in the contest and what are the registration channels?

Answer: Participants in this competition must be students from technical colleges and universities nationwide (students of registered technical colleges and universities), and the school will issue a certificate. Participants participate in teams, with 3-5 participants in each team and 1-2 instructors. The competition does not accept individual registration. Individuals designated by the human resources and social security departments of various provinces are responsible for reviewing and submitting various application materials. The national application deadline is October 12.

Q: What are the requirements for the competition? How is the review conducted?

Answer: The project must be a project that has already started or plans to start a business. At the same time, it should reflect innovation. It should focus on the contestants' awareness of entrepreneurship and innovation, market analysis and project transformation capabilities. The project selection and concept design, and the writing of the project declaration form are all completed by the participants. Works that have won provincial, ministerial and above entrepreneurship competition awards before the end of 2018 are not allowed to participate in this competition.

The expert team will conduct a preliminary review of the provinces' applications for participating in the national competition. The top-ranked project in each province will automatically advance to the national competition. The remaining applications will be selected based on the scoring results. . The national competition includes two parts: live demonstration and defense. The live demonstration is performed by the project team in conjunction with PPT (video, physical), and the time limit is 6 minutes. In the defense link, the project team will respond to the questions raised by the review experts on the spot according to the actual situation of the project. The time limit is 4 minutes.

Q: What are the incentive support policies for the contest winners?

Answer: The competition is issued a certificate by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. There are 10 first prizes, second prizes, third prizes, excellence awards, and organization awards in the national competition. The local human and social departments shall combine the results of the competition selection with the implementation of the entrepreneurial support policy. Winning projects may be granted free entrepreneurial guarantee loans without counter guarantee. Recommend support first. The instructor of the first prize-winning project can be used as the basis for evaluating and appraising first, and title evaluation.

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