Tianmen is named after Tianmen Mountain in the northwest of the territory. As early as the end of primitive society, humans thrived on this land. A large number of artifacts such as stone (jade), pottery, bone, clam, japonica, and bronze wares unearthed from the famous Shijiahe Neolithic tribal sites were discovered. An important iconic relic of the patriarchal clan society. Shijiahe culture was included in the "Nine Five-Year Plan" higher education key textbook "Ancient Chinese History." Tianmen is the ancient country of Yunmengze Wind in the ancient times, the country of Qiong in the Spring and Autumn Period, and the Chujing Lingyi of the Warring States Period. It was named after the remnants of the Dahong Mountain, which is called "Lingzhijing". After Qin unified China, Jingling County was established, which belonged to Nan County. In the first year of Jintianfu (AD 936) after the Five Dynasties, in order to avoid Jin Gaozu's famous name (King and Jing), Jingling County was changed to Jingling County, which belongs to the Zhili Defense State. In the fourth year of the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty (1726 AD), in order to avoid the name of the tomb of Kangxi (Jingling), it was changed to Tianmen County, which belongs to Anlu Prefecture of Hubei. This is the first time it was named Tianmen and it is still in use today.

You came from Shijiahe culture with the love of Fuxi's blood emperor. The mountain tower stage, the river around the jade belt, your plains, golden waves and silver seas, poetry spread to eight friends, literature Jingling school. Chu Feng Han Yun Yu Juncai, the hometown of Tea Saint envied Chinese and foreign. You came from the annoyed cottage of Peng family, expecting the revival of the dreams of generations. Scrape poverty and make wonderful things, and your faith will persist. Longhang Expressway, Fengxiang to the new district. Urban and rural beauty exhibition grand, soaring across the new surging. The sky is wide open, the stage is brilliant, the road is wide, and the times are rising. The gate of heaven is wide open, happiness is always there, and the city is rich and the people are moving towards the future.


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