The results of the qualification evaluation of senior professional and technical positions in Tianmen City in 2019 were announced

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According to the evaluation results of the Senior Technical Qualifications Evaluation Committee of Tianmen City on December 22, 2019, the 36 people who have passed the review (list attached) are now publicized. The publicity time is 5 working days (December 30, 2019 to January 6, 2020). During the publicity period, if you have comments on the title evaluation of the above publicized objects, please report to the Municipal Vocational Reform Office and the Municipal Health High Evaluation Office through written materials or telephone in the form of real name. To reflect the situation, we must adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts and provide detailed and relevant supporting materials for investigation and verification.

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评审委员会办公室 Office of the Qualification Evaluation Committee of Senior Technical Posts of Tianmen City   

December 30, 2019

评审通过人员名单 The list of personnel who passed the assessment of senior professional and technical positions in Tianmen City in 2019

(A total of 36 people)

First, senior (4 persons)

Gao Fawu, Xu Huirong, Han Yingming, Min Feng

Second, senior (26 people)

Li Jinghua, Li Si, Dan Jianjun, Jiang Yijun, Yang Jun, Tang Yan, Yang Yunxia, Wang Yuerong, Wu Lei, Xu Hubo, Hu Fuying, Tong Rongfeng, Ding Haibin, Gong Hua, Cheng Hao, Bai Shaojun, Li Yuhong, Liu Qinfeng, Lei Zhihong, Wu Gang , Zhang Lihua, Jiang Xiangxin, Lu Lijun, Gong Juan, Li Lingxia, Chen Wenmin

Three, Jiwei Gao (6 people)

Yang Wenlun, Wang Hao, Chen Caixian, Zhu Jun, Tan Haiyan, Wang Yijuan

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