Announcement of the on-site review of the written examination for the qualification examination for primary and middle school teachers in the first half of 2020 (Tianmen test area)

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In the first half of 2020, registration for primary and secondary school teacher qualification examinations (written examinations) will be carried out through online registration and on-site review. The related matters are announced as follows:

I. Specific time schedule

:2020年1月9日至12日16:00; 1. Online registration time : January 9 to 12, 16:00, 2020;

:2020年1月9日至12日17:00(工作时间:上午8:30-11:55,下午14:00-17:00); 2. On-site audit time : January 9-12, 17:00 (working hours: 8: 30-11: 55 am, 14: 00-17: 00 pm);

:2020年1月12日24:00; 3. Deadline for online payment : 24:00, January 12, 2020;

:2020年3月14日。 4. Written exam time : March 14, 2020.

Second, the written examination registration site audit site

Candidate Service Hall of Tianmen Admissions Test Center: Room 8105, 1st Floor, Tianmen Education Bureau, 35 Zhongye Avenue, Tianmen City, Tel: 0728-5342091

Third, the written test registration, on-site confirmation process

Candidates log in to the registration website ( → Candidate registration → Fill in personal information → Upload photos → Select the test area → Select the category → Select the subject → Submit for review → Go to the confirmation point for on-site review → Approved → Signature confirmed → Data submitted → Online payment → Registration is successful.

4. On-site examination conditions and information for written test

1. Candidates for household registration (registered residence) in Tianmen City:

① Candidates must have original and copy of valid second-generation ID card;

② Original and photocopy of diploma (graduation certificate);

③ Original and photocopy of household registration book;

2. Candidates with hukou (hukou) who work in Tianmen:

① A residence permit applied for by this city's public security department;

② The original and photocopy of the valid second-generation ID card of the candidate;

③ Original and photocopy of diploma (graduation certificate);

3. College students apply for exams near the school district.

V. Written test payment standards

The standard for the examination fee for the written examination is 70 yuan per student per subject (E Price Regulation [2013] No. 28).

Special reminders

1. Where examination qualifications and examination results are obtained through forged documents, certificates, archives and other materials, the education examination institution and examination staff may determine that the relevant candidates have performed cheating in the examination during or after the examination;

2. When signing up for the examination on-site, you must sign the “Confirmation Letter of Candidate's Integrity Examination”, which promises to observe the examination discipline. Anyone who violates the discipline of the examination shall be dealt with by the examination institution in accordance with the "Measures for Dealing with Violations of the National Education Examination" (Order of the Ministry of Education No. 33) and the "Amendment of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China (9)".

3. Candidates must ensure that the information is accurate when filling in personal information. If the personal information is incorrectly reported, the test cannot be taken or the test results are invalid, you are responsible for it;

4. After the on-site audit is passed, the online payment can be completed. If the payment cannot be paid, please go to the audit site to explain to the staff;

5. For detailed information about the examination, please log on to the website of Hubei Educational Testing Institute (;

6. For related information such as "Examination Standards" and "Exam Outline", please log on to China Educational Examination Network (

Tianmen Admissions and Testing Institute

December 25, 2019

Editor-in-chief: Tianmen Education Bureau

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