Tianmen City ’s Central Eco-environmental Protection Inspector “Looking Back” and the Public Notice of the Special Inspection and Rectification of the Yangtze River Protection and Lake Development (Second Batch)

来源: 市生态环境问题整改攻坚指挥部办公室 【字体: 2019-12-19 15:01 Source: City Headquarters Office for Rectification and Improvement of Ecological and Environmental Problems [Font: Large, Medium and Small ]

天门市生态环境问题整改攻坚指挥部关于印发 < 天门市贯彻落实中央生态环境保护督察“回头看”及长江保护与湖泊开发专项督察反馈意见整改方案 >的通知 (天环改指文 〔2019〕3号 的要求,我市积极开展中央 生态 环境保 督察 回头看 ”及长江保护与湖泊开发专项督察 反馈意见的 整改工作,现将我市拟销号的 省编号 35 项问题公示如下,公示期为自公示日起7天内。 According to the Notice of Tianmen City's Ecological Environment Rectification and Rectification Command on Printing and Distributing the " Tianmen City's Implementation of the Central Eco-Environmental Protection Supervisor's" Looking Back "and the Yangtze River Protection and Lake Development Special Inspector's Feedback Rectification Scheme " 2019] No. 3 ) , the city actively carried out the rectification work of the Central Eco- Environmental Protection Supervisor's " Looking Back " and the feedback from the special inspectors of the Yangtze River Protection and Lake Development . The announcement is as follows, and the announcement period is 7 days from the announcement date.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please provide feedback to the city's headquarters for rectification of ecological and environmental problems during the publicity period. 1099 ;反馈邮箱: Feedback Tel: 0728-522 1099 ; Feedback Email: .

生态 环境保护督察 回头看 ”及长江保护与湖泊开发专项督察 反馈意见整改情况的公示(第 批) The Central Eco- Environmental Protection Inspector's Looking Back ” and the Public Notice on the Rectification of Feedback from the Special Inspector of the Yangtze River Protection and Lake Development (Second Batch)

Office of the Headquarters for the Rectification of Ecological and Environmental Problems

December 19, 2019

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