Tianmen City Key Project Management Project Management Review

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Based on the application for the evaluation of the level of management of the archival work by the Tianmen Municipal Key Construction Project Management Office, the Municipal Archives Bureau organized an evaluation team to conduct a preliminary evaluation of it and put forward preliminary opinions and suggestions. 湖北省企业、科技事业单位档案工作目标管理考评办法 》(鄂档规〔201 6 3 号) 等的规定,现予以公示,接受社会各界监督。 In accordance with the " Hubei Provincial Enterprises, Scientific and Technological Institutions, Management of Archives and Objects, Management and Evaluation Methods " (E File Regulation [201 6 ] No. 3 ) and other provisions, it is now publicized and accepts supervision from all walks of life.

评审等级、 单位 I. Proposed review level and unit

Archives target management Provincial first-level review of the construction management office of the key transportation project in Tianmen City

、监督内容 Content of supervision

1. Whether there is any illegality in the work of file management, provision and utilization;

2. Are there any situations that endanger the security of the archives?

公示时间 3. Publicity time

Publicity time is 5 working days. The public opinion on the above contents shall be reported to the Office of the Municipal Archives Bureau before December 23, 2019.

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Address: Office No. 2 East, 1st Floor, Office Building (Tianmen City Archives)

Tianmen City Archives

December 17, 2019

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