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On the morning of the 30th, the 2019 New Orientation Long Run, jointly sponsored by the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, started firing at the Municipal Botanical Garden.

The new long-distance running event aims to welcome 2020, advocate a scientific, civilized, and healthy lifestyle, and demonstrate the achievements of Tianmen City's construction and development. City leaders Zhuang Guangming, Wang Faliang, Li Qibin, Lei Hua, Dong Qingping, and Wu Yuhui all started firing shots for the welcome long distance running. More than 8,000 people from the leaders of the city, cadres and employees from various townships and towns, municipal units, enterprises and people from all walks of life participated in the orientation event.

Vice Mayor Wu Yuhui addressed the launching ceremony. She said that the past year has been an extraordinary year in the development history of Tianmen. The Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have been working hard to promote the high-quality development of Tianmen, focusing on "green heaven, innovation, and vitality." There are joys and gains. hardships. In the coming 2020, everyone should enter the new era and embark on a new journey with more vigorous spirit and fuller enthusiasm. At the same time, exercise as a habit, running as a fashion, running out of happiness, running out health.

The welcome team starts from the city botanical garden, passes through Beihu Avenue, Guanggou Road, Huaqiao Avenue and other sections, and ends at "Shangkun Beihu Four Seasons". The whole journey is about 5.5 kilometers. Running enthusiasts are not afraid of the cold, and feel the great changes in the development of the North Lake area along the way, show their enthusiasm for national fitness with practical actions, and express their gratitude for the happy life now. Ms. Yang, a resident of Tianmen New Town who participated in the welcome long distance race, said that I did not expect that the North Lake has changed greatly, the road is wide, the environment is beautiful, and there is another good place for leisure and fitness in the urban area. Tianmen will become better and better in the future! (Reporter Fu Leilei)

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