Our city mobilized to deploy special operations to combat telecommunications network fraud

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On the afternoon of the 30th, the city's special mobilization meeting to combat telecommunications network fraud was convened. At the meeting, Lei Hua, the deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, demanded at the meeting that with the confidence and determination to overcome difficulties and dare to win, he will resolutely win the tough battle against telecommunications network fraud. Wang Junhui, deputy mayor and director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau presided over the meeting.

The meeting reported the situation of the city's telecommunications network fraud cases, and read out the "Tianmen City Special Action Plan to Combat Telecommunication Network Fraud". In order to completely eradicate the survival and development soil of telecommunication network fraud, our city decided to focus on organizing special operations to combat telecommunication network fraud from December 25, 2019 to March 25, 2020. The special actions are divided into three stages: propaganda, crackdown, and establishment of long-term effects. It will organize special classes to work in villages with high incidence of telecommunication fraud cases, conduct comprehensive investigations, guide the establishment of civil anti-fraud associations, and establish a disciplinary system. Establish an anti-fraud center, establish a "blacklist" system, and crack down on telecommunications fraud.

Lei Hua pointed out that cracking down on telecommunication network fraud is related to safety and stability, development environment, and moral image. All localities and departments must have a deep understanding of the seriousness and complexity of cracking down on telecommunication network fraud work, unify thinking, build consensus, and advance in depth. Special rectification action. We must strengthen responsibility. Relevant areas and departments' "first leaders" must fulfill their main responsibilities, personally study and deploy, and implement the implementation of special actions; they must give full play to the role of village-level grass-roots organizations as fighting bastions, gather various social organization forces, and form a strong joint force to combat telecommunications network fraud . We must strengthen publicity and education. Make full use of multiple carriers and publicity in a variety of ways to create a strong social atmosphere against electric fraud. It is necessary to strengthen the investigation and crackdown, do a good job of finding out and running away key personnel, promote fast detection, fast prosecution, fast trial, and crack down on telecommunication network fraud and crime, and form a powerful deterrent. We must adhere to source governance. Banks, communications and other departments must strictly implement security management systems such as citizen information, financial accounts, and real-name registration, take the initiative to find clues to illegal crimes involving telecommunications network fraud, and promptly notify public security agencies to crack down on law.

Lei Hua emphasized that it is necessary to rigorously work discipline, strengthen supervision and inspection, and carry out accountability for inadequate duties and crackdowns on cracking down on telecommunications network fraud. We must crack down on electric fraud and crack down on evil and civilized cities. The combination of creation, rural revitalization, and other work will be carried out persistently, and strive to fundamentally control the local telecommunications network fraud crimes.

The leaders of Qianyi Town, Mawan Town, Zhoukou Village of Qianyi Town, and Guozui Village of Mawan Town made statements. The meeting also conducted business training on special actions.

The main persons in charge of the Municipal Court and the Municipal Procuratorate attended the meeting. (Reporter Wu Shuming)

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