City fire rescue team officially listed

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On the 30th, the city held a listing ceremony for the municipal fire rescue team. Wang Junhui, deputy mayor and director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and responsible persons of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau attended the listing ceremony.

The establishment of a comprehensive fire rescue team is a concrete action to implement the reform of the party and state institutions, and it is a major need to improve disaster prevention, mitigation and relief capabilities, protect people's lives and property, and maintain the overall reform, development, and stability of the city. The listing of the city's fire rescue team marks a new step in the construction of the city's fire rescue team and a new journey.

In recent years, the city's fire rescue team has thoroughly implemented the spirit of the important training words of General Secretary Jinping, benchmarking the "two strict and two accurate" team building standards, the emergency rescue main force and the national team's function positioning. In addition, the mission is not changed, the retirement is not lost, and a smooth transition has been achieved in the reform and work has been advanced in an orderly manner.

During the listing ceremony, Wang Junhui demanded that all the commanders of the city's fire rescue team should achieve "four disputes", strive to be an example of loyalty to the party, never forget their original intentions, and always be a loyal defender of the party and the people; strive to be discipline Strict benchmarks, obey orders, obey orders; strive to be the vanguard of fire and fire, and be ready to fight, and the battle will be won; fight to be a model for the people, and brave to safeguard the lives and property of the people Strive to make new and greater contributions to the development and construction of Tianmen. (Reporter Xie Hongyan)

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