The city's food security work conference held

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On the morning of the 27th, the city's special meeting on food security was held. Relevant persons in charge of the municipal units and township offices participated in the meeting.

The meeting learned the "Rules for the Evaluation and Evaluation of the Chief Executive's Accountability System for Food Security in 2019". At the meeting, all relevant units exchanged information on self-examination of food security assessment and preparation of supporting documents. Townships and villages reported the distribution of subsidies for farmland fertility. The Municipal Food Security Office conducted the forthcoming inspection of the province's food security field assessment. Specific arrangements.

The meeting requested that all localities and departments should further raise awareness, refine work measures, strengthen coordination and coordination, and ensure the implementation of work in accordance with the assessment goals; ensure quality, enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility, and conduct self-assessment and self-examination in accordance with their respective duties and responsibilities, and List of assessment goals, tasks, indicators and scoring standards undertaken, do a good job of "pin number" self-inspection one by one, collect and improve various supporting documents to ensure that the relevant work can withstand inspection; strengthen rectification, adhere to bottom-line thinking and problems Guide, actively take effective measures to strengthen rectification, make up for shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses, look at the problem, go to the problem, look at the problem to change, and study and solve the assessment project tasks one by one to achieve true and actual reform Make thorough reforms; make clear their respective responsibilities, and effectively prepare for the inspections, and complete the goals and tasks of the food security assessment without compromise. (Reporter Wang Shuai)

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