Zhuang Guangming inspects the welcome long-distance running route

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The Tianmen 2019 Orientation Long-distance Running Event will be launched on the morning of December 30. On the afternoon of the 29th, the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Zhuang Guangming led the team to inspect the entire course of the activity, understand the road conditions and the development of preparatory work, and put forward requirements for the relevant work. City leaders Dong Qingping, Zhang Huazhong and Wu Yuhui participated in the inspection.

This welcome long-distance running starts from the City Botanical Garden, passes Beihu Avenue, Guanggou Road, Huaqiao Avenue to the end of the four seasons of Shangkun Beihu. The whole process can feel the great changes in the development of Beihu. The roads passing through are all new construction roads in our city in recent years. Zhuang Guangming and his party started from the city botanical garden and walked along the long-distance running route. On the road, sweeping vehicles and sanitation workers are still working nervously to clean the road before the race. Zhuang Guangming has a detailed understanding of traffic organization, environmental sanitation, service guarantee, etc., and emphasizes that all preparations must be done carefully to ensure that responsibilities are in place, ensure that work is in place, and ensure that activities are carried out smoothly; special attention must be paid to the gathering and distribution of people at the end point, and parking Preplan, strengthen traffic dispatch, guide vehicles and personnel to leave in an orderly manner after the event.

Zhuang Guangming also inspected the sidewalk, greening, drainage and other ancillary projects under construction at Beihu Avenue, Guanggou Road, and Huaqiao Avenue, and put forward rectification requirements on the spot for existing problems. He emphasized that the construction should pay more attention to details to ensure the scientific, reasonable and effective completion of various construction tasks; relevant departments should strengthen inspection guidance and adjust in time when problems are found. (Reporter Wu Shuming)

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