The city arranges the deployment of urban and rural environmental improvement work during the New Year's Day

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On the 27th, the mobilization meeting of urban and rural environmental improvement during the New Year's Day of 2020 in our city was held at the Municipal Urban Management Bureau. Dong Qingping, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and member of the Municipal Party Committee, attended the meeting. City Urban Management Bureau, Housing Construction Committee, Environmental Protection Bureau and other units, as well as the person in charge of the township office and the park, and Sander, Jingyuan, home and real estate and other relevant persons in charge attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the heads of relevant units reported the recent outstanding issues in urban management, emergency preparations for the Spring Festival and daily work assessment. During the Spring Festival, arrangements were made for urban management and urban and rural domestic waste disposal.

Dong Qingping demanded that we attach great importance to garbage disposal and ensure that garbage disposal is carried out normally during the New Year's Day. Take responsibility. The cleaning and cleaning staff shall be managed around the clock and focus on the inspection and maintenance of sanitation facilities and equipment; the cleaning company shall optimize the operation mode and arrange cleaning lines scientifically; the competent department shall highlight the management of slag vehicles and strengthen the management of rural public trash cans, etc. Handle emergency response and earnestly implement all tasks. We must strengthen supervision and assessment. It is necessary to set up special working classes and carry out all-round supervision and inspection; announce the city's garbage management report telephone, so that the public can reflect the garbage disposal during the New Year's Day at any time; the city co-ordination office should strengthen the assessment of the work of towns and service companies to ensure the normal garbage transfer station Operation, work together to do a good job of urban management and urban and rural domestic garbage disposal during the New Year's Day Spring Festival. (Reporter Yun Zi)

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