Municipal government deploys winter and spring fire prevention and control work

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On the morning of the 27th, the municipal government held the city's winter and spring fire prevention and control work promotion meeting and the deployment meeting for opening up the "life passage" for centralized rectification actions. Deputy Mayor Xu Yaowu attended the meeting.

The meeting broadcasted two major fire accident investigation videos of Beijing Daxing's "11 · 18" fire and a fire in a residential building in Shenyang, Liaoning. It informed the city's fire situation this year, and prevented and controlled winter and spring fires and opened the "life channel." "Centralized governance is deployed.

Xu Yaowu demanded that we should strengthen the awareness of suffering, adhere to the bottom-line thinking, and resolutely build the ideological defense line of fire safety; we must highlight the work priorities, do a good job of all fire prevention work this winter and spring, and pay close attention to key places, key links, key time periods, key people, Do a good job in the investigation of fire hazards, strictly supervise the investigation and rectification of hidden hazards, improve the fire safety awareness of the whole people, and do a good job in emergency rescue and disposal; strengthen infrastructure construction, comprehensively improve fire prevention and control capabilities, and take responsibility for iron traces and resolute maintenance The fire safety situation continued to stabilize.

The meeting also deployed to effectively strengthen the management of fire truck passages and open up the "life passage" centralized management work.

The leaders of Henglin Town, Tuoshi Town, and Huangtan Town made speeches at the meeting. (Reporter Li Xiaoxiao)

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