Zhuang Guangming presided over the city's economic and social development centralized investigation forum and asked to firmly establish the "one game of chess" thinking and work together to do a good job

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In order to summarize this year's work and plan early for next year's work, on the 26th, the municipal party committee secretary and mayor Zhuang Guangming presided over a city-wide concentrated survey on economic and social development. He demanded that we should firmly establish the "one game of chess" thinking, which not only fulfilled its duties and division of labor and cooperation, but also closely cooperated and supported each other, and worked together to do a good job.  

At the meeting, the standing committee members and deputy mayors of the municipal Party committees reported on the completion of the work in the field of management, the characteristics of the highlights, and the work ideas for next year.  

Zhuang Guangming affirmed the new achievements of the city's economic and social development. He said that this year, thanks to the joint efforts of the whole city, cadres at all levels have assumed deeds, determined to make progress, overcome difficulties, and solidly advanced various tasks with a full spirit, with remarkable achievements. Mainly manifested in the high level of political standing, the "three major offensive battles" promoted vigorously, high-quality development and speed, service to the people's livelihood and temperature, ecological civilization construction has a concentration, strict party governance has hardness, anti-crime and evil has depth, fight The base pipe has thickness in the long run.  

Zhuang Guangming pointed out that it is necessary to keep an eye on the goals, take an active role, and make every effort to complete the end of the work. It is necessary to do a good job summary of the whole year, to comprehensively and systematically sort out the achievements and highlights of various work in the past year, and to dig good experiences and good practices; we must pay close attention to the goals to ensure progress, grab the last effective working time, and compare with the annual target tasks Keep an eye on the index, take prompt measures, and go all out to sprint; find out the differences and make up for the shortcomings, carefully check the omissions and fill the gaps, and ensure that various work highlights, distinctive features, and strive for advanced positions.  

Zhuang Guangming demanded that we plan scientifically, catch early and move fast, and strive for the beginning of next year's work. First, we must do a good job planning. It is necessary to closely focus on Xi Jinping's ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, scientifically grasp the new situation, new changes and new requirements in development, plan for next year's work ideas with a higher position, determine various goals and tasks with higher standards, and implement more realistic Measures to promote work, and strive to achieve new results and breakthroughs in the new year. Second, we must highlight work priorities. It is necessary to focus on implementing the decision-making and deployment of the Central and Provincial Committees, find the right combination, and plan for the next year's work; innovate throughout the work, dare to break the tradition, dare to try boldly, and be the vanguard; we must meet high standards and strict requirements, and comprehensively advance all We must adhere to the concept of green development, add a strong "green drive" to economic transformation and upgrading, and achieve a win-win situation for ecology and development. We must further broaden our horizons, change our concepts, and improve our work capabilities. Third, we must adhere to early action. It is necessary to do a good job of economic operation and scheduling, to ensure that all elements are well coordinated, and to arrange early deployment of next year's work to ensure that the first quarter is a good start.  

Zhuang Guangming emphasized the need to take action, pay close attention to implementation, make preparations for the year-end assessments and inspections, make arrangements for recent conference activities, and handle related work in the areas of letter and visits, stability and safety, production safety, and people's livelihood around the Spring Festival. Ensure that the people of the city have a peaceful and peaceful festival. Tianmen Daily News (full media reporter Peng Dan trainee reporter Xue Yanyao)

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