"The First Cage of Shenzhou" Opened, Nearly Ten Thousand Citizens rushed to taste thousands of special steamed dishes

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Three steamed, nine buckled and ten large bowls, not steamers are not entertained. On the morning of the 20th, the "Hubei Craftsman Cup" Chu cuisine vocational skills competition and the 5th China (Tianmen) Steamed Vegetable Gourmet Culture Festival held the Huimin Steamed Vegetable Cage Opening Ceremony. The special steamed dishes will satisfy nearly 10,000 people.

It is understood that the selection of steamed vegetables for this event is selected from local high-quality raw materials, including pork, beef, mutton, soft-shelled turtle, catfish, herring, black fish, loach, seasonal vegetables, etc., with as many as 1,000 dishes.

At 4 am on the same day, the chef team of the Municipal Culinary Association came to Lu Yu Square to start preparations before the event. They put 1,000 courses of steamed vegetables one by one into the "Shenzhou First Cage" with a height of 1.6 meters and a diameter of 1.5 meters. At 6 in the morning, all the steamed dishes were put into the cage. The chefs covered the lids and started to steam.

At 9:30 am, the scented and steaming steamed vegetables are steamed and opened. The reporter saw at the scene that the first layer of the steamed grid had delicious dishes made with powdered steamed artemisia, powdered steamed pork, and powdered soft-shelled turtle. Fish, tofu and other representative dishes, the third layer is steamed catfish, steamed turtle, and other delicate steamed dishes, and the use of deduction steaming, steaming, brewing steaming, sealing steaming, pattern modeling steaming and other steaming techniques cooking characteristics Steamed dishes are filled with the fourth and fifth layers, each layer has hundreds of steamed dishes. A cage, thousands of dishes, attracted nearly 10,000 citizens scramble to taste.

Tianmen Steamed Vegetables advocates the idea of originating from nature and pursuing "true taste", which also reflects the harmonious unity of man and nature and the yearning for a healthy life. Tianmen steamed vegetables can be traced back to the Shijiahe civilization period, and has a history of 4,600 years. For thousands of years, word-of-mouth has been passed down from the relays who created a splendid steamed vegetable culture. For example, today, the door steamed vegetables have developed into more than 3,000 varieties of the "Nine Steamed" series. Tianmen steamed dishes have more than 100 unique flavors, forming a relatively complete local dish system and becoming an important part of Chu dishes. (All media reporter Peng Dan trainee reporter Xue Yanyao)

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