Vigorous Tianmen Wanma Pentium 2019 Tianmen International Marathon starts

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The gate of vitality, galloping. On the morning of the 16th, the 2019 Tianmen International Marathon fired off at Lu Yu Square, and more than 10,000 runners from home and abroad run indulgently.  
Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Zhuang Guangming, Deputy Director of the Provincial Sports Bureau Luo Qiyi, President of Taikang Insurance Group Liu Jinglun, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress Wang Faliang, Chairman of the CPPCC Li Qibin, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee Lei Hua, China Track and Field Association Technology On behalf of Zhao Jia, Deputy Mayor Wu Yuhui, Deng Chaoming, Chairman of Hutong International Communication Group and other leaders and guests attended the launching ceremony. Zhuang Guangming addressed the launching ceremony.  
At 7:30 in the morning, the leaders and guests attending the launching ceremony sounded the starting gun. More than 10,000 marathoners started from Lu Yu Square and opened the curtain of the 2019 Tianmen International Marathon.  
The current event is hosted by the Chinese Athletics Association, the Provincial Sports Bureau, and the Municipal Government, and the Provincial Athletics Association, the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau. The event has three marathons (42.195 kilometers), half marathons (21.0975 kilometers), and mini-runs (6 kilometers). It attracted a total of countries and regions from China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mongolia and other countries and regions. More than 13,500 players participated. Among them, "big names" runners gathered, including the world marathon Grand Slam six-star runners Li Xiaobai, Guo Huawei, Song Mingxuan, etc., North and South Runners Mao Shuzhi, Sun Huaming and Chang Yingjie and so on.  
With the firing of the starting gun, the players rushed out of the starting line. The healthy posture and marathon spirit that challenged themselves attracted tens of thousands of citizens along the way to cheer for the players. Tianmen's sports enthusiasm was instantly ignited by "Tianma".  
In the men's whole process, after a fierce competition, the player Kirwa Dominick Kibitok from Kenya won the championship with an excellent result of 2 hours, 19 minutes and 41 seconds; the women's group of Malaysia, also the player Chepkurui Nancy from Kenya, won the championship with a time of 2 hours, 49 minutes and 49 seconds. . In the half, the player PhilipMuriithiKibaki from Kenya won the men's championship in 1 hour 05 minutes 40 seconds; the player Yin Xiaoyu from China won the women's championship in 1 hour 16 minutes 47 seconds.  
The marathon is the "image ambassador" of a city. In 2018, the first Tianmen International Half Marathon was a complete success, and won two honors, including the “Bronze Medal Event” and “Natural Ecological Feature Event” of the Chinese Athletics Association. This event was first upgraded to "All-Malaysia", passing through Lu Yu Square, East Lake, West Lake, Tianmen Botanical Garden, Tianmen Middle School, Tianmen Museum and other places. The track setting has also been newly upgraded, integrating the natural ecology with the urban cultural landscape. Cultural performances are set at multiple points to show cultural activities such as Quyi, tea, steamed vegetables, etc., so that runners can experience the unique urban charm of Tianmen during the run, taste the unique humanistic charm of Tianmen in the fragrance of tea, and use the charm of marathon. , Let Tianmen present a new wonderful.  
It is understood that in order to ensure the success of the event, a total of 15 energy supply stations were set up on the track; 19 ambulances, 23 ambulance stations, and 700 medical security personnel were escorted for the event; 1,500 volunteers were recruited for the competition Provide guidance and guidance services; more than 6,000 security personnel were dispatched, and transportation, electric power, and communications departments also cooperated fully to provide full protection. (All media reporter Peng Dan)

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