Tianmen (Huangtan) 3rd Rural Cultural Tourism Week and 2nd Peasant Harvest Festival Open

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On the 2nd, the 3rd Tianmen (Huangtan) Rural Cultural Tourism Week and the 2nd Peasant Harvest Festival opened in Qiwuling Village, Huangtan Town. Liu Yixin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, announced the opening of the event. Wu Yuhui, Deputy Mayor delivered a speech, Li Xiaolin, former Deputy Chairman of the China Association for Foreign Exchanges and Deputy Secretary-General of the China Foundation for Military Support, and other guests. Vice Chairman Liu Shengsheng attended the opening ceremony. Some Huangtan nationals from all over the country, heads of relevant municipal departments, heads of township office parks and related enterprises, educated youth representatives, and flower-viewers from inside and outside the city attended the opening ceremony.

This event is based on the theme of "the seven chrysanthemums, the seven ridges, and the edge of the" pink "you." The purpose is to take the opportunity to celebrate the second peasant harvest festival, further build the Huangtan business card, develop characteristic industries, promote poverty alleviation and promote The implementation of the rural revitalization strategy will help the overall development of agriculture and rural areas. The event was organized by the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau, the 3rd Rural Cultural Tourism Week of Tianmen (Huangtan) and the 2nd Peasant Harvest Festival Organizing Committee. Tianmen Three Army chrysanthemum planting professional cooperatives and other contractors.

It is reported that the event runs from November 1st to November 7th and lasts for one week. During the village mini-run, agricultural product exhibition, Huangtan Town celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, an art party, opening ceremony, project signing, boutique chrysanthemum exhibition, youth friendship, Huangtan Town celebrated the 70th birthday of the New China photography exhibition, educated youth party, The colorful light show and many other activities, visitors can watch a series of activities such as watching art performances, water curtain movies, watching the beautiful countryside under the night, enjoying the flowers in the garden, visiting the boutique chrysanthemum exhibition, tasting the special food, and feeling. The profound changes in the transformation and upgrading of Huangtan from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture.

In recent years, the city has seized the opportunity of tourism development, fully tapped the local cultural heritage, highlighted the expansion of rural cultural tourism brand resources and the extension of the industrial chain. The city's cultural tourism industry has shown a flourishing and competitive development. The holding of the 3rd Tianmen (Huangtan) Rural Cultural Tourism Week and the 2nd Peasant Harvest Festival not only demonstrated the new look of economic and social development in Huangtan Town, but also further promoted the development of rural cultural tourism in the city. (Reporter Deng Huixia)

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