Focus on outstanding issues to ensure "safety on the tongue" Multi-sector joint rectification of food safety issues

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Recently, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, the Education Bureau, and the Agricultural and Rural Bureau have launched joint actions to rectify food safety issues and comprehensively investigate hidden food safety hazards.

It is reported that at the end of September, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and other 4 departments jointly formulated and issued the "Implementation Plan for the Implementation of Joint Actions to Resolve Food Safety Issues" to launch joint actions to remedy food safety issues throughout the city. Focus on 4 outstanding issues of public concern, focus on cracking down on illegal activities in the food production and operation process, resolutely ban "black factories", "black workshops" and "black dens"; implement special cleanup and rectification of the health food industry, and seriously investigate and deal with false publicity and violations of health food Sales issues; addressing the failure to fulfill the responsibility of food safety subjects in schools and kindergartens and food safety issues; rectifying the quality and safety issues of agricultural products, focusing on the quality and safety of vegetables, poultry eggs, pork, aquatic products, and the addition of prohibited ingredients to pesticides and veterinary drugs.

The joint operation will continue until mid-November, and will dig deep into a number of outstanding issues that seriously infringe on the interests of the masses, resolutely investigate and handle food and agricultural product production and management violations, create a "zero tolerance" social atmosphere for food safety violations, and solve some long-term difficulties. "Hard bones", effectively guarantee the "security on the tip of the tongue" of the masses.

As of now, the city has inspected a total of 4,345 food production and operation units, and investigated 268 hidden food safety problems, including 194 inspections of health food production and operation entities and 22 direct sales companies, and 5 health food industry problems. "Five-entry" science promotion 10 times; organized 812 self-inspections by schools, catering units, and food operators around the campus, trained 2337 employees, distributed more than 3,000 publicity materials, and increased the number of bright cookers in school canteens by 44 In the school cafeteria, the coverage rate of bright kitchen bright stoves reached 80.2%; inspected 276 agricultural cooperatives and breeding and breeding households, and found that 2 vegetables had pesticides exceeding the standard; inspected 356 agricultural shops of various types, and banned 2 unlicensed operating companies; inspected There were 58 pig slaughtering companies, 7 unqualified companies were shut down, 1 problem was investigated and dealt with, and 1 rectification was ordered. A total of 57 cases of food safety violations were filed and investigated, and one case was transferred to the public security department and one person was sentenced. (Reporter Yang Mi)

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