Blackout information from December 20 to 22, 2019

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Dear Power Customers:

Due to the new 10kV Yue13 Health Line 156 # -175 # pole fitting installation and wire display, on December 20th 06:30 to 22:00, the 10kV Health Line Yue13 Health Point 03 switch was powered off. Scope of power outages: Yuekou Town: Jianjian Village, Tangguai Village, Liu Tie Village, Cai Song Village, Chengqiao Village, Huaipo Village, Liangxiang Village, Yongxing Village, Zhangyue Village, Hong Temple Village. Pengshi Town: Yanqiao Village, Shiqiao Village, Zouzhang Village, Baisha Village. Yuekou Power Station Repair Service Phone 4716917/1590

Due to the 10kV Yue 17 Yue Fei line brave 5 # 台 区 支线 01 # -05 # rod metal fittings installation wire display, 06:30 to 22:00 on December 22, 10 kV Yue Fei line Yue 17 Yue Fei 06 switch power failure. Involved power outages: Brave Village, Baoanqiao Village, Yuefei Avenue, TV Station, Gas Station, Hehuatan Village, Xiaomiao Public Transformer, Sanitary Transformer, Xiaoyi Transformer, Yinhua Community Transformer, New Station Transformer, Xiaoyi Transformer , Lime Lane Transformer, Jiefang Avenue, Old Long-distance Station, Cotton Company, Second Doctor. Yuekou Power Supply Station Repair Service Phone 4716917/15907228096

Due to the blackout of Meik 19 switch on the 10kV Liumen route and the Meik 24 switch of the 10kV Meimen line, the new Xiejiawan (5 #, 6 #, 7 #, 8 #) high voltage power failure was connected to the fire. December 22, 07:30 to 21 : 00, 10kV Xiewan line Mei 24 Xiewan points 09 switch, 10kV Liumen line Mei 19 Liumen road points 06 switch off. Scope of power outages: Xiejiawan, Duoxiang Town, Guohe Environmental Technology, Tianmen Zhongran City Gas Development Co., Ltd., Tianmen Xinfu Commercial Co., Ltd., Hubei Tianlan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Zhongyi Water Technology Co., Ltd., Tianmen Tongwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Hubei Dequan Biotechnology Park Co., Ltd., Xiantao Fengtai Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Yibaixin, Tianmen Tianshangyu Co., Ltd., Guanyi Technology Co., Ltd., Tianmen Yingfeng Co., Ltd., Wuhan Boxing Wanguo Investment Co., Ltd., Hubei Hongyuan Tianmen Industry City, Hubei Hongyuan Venture Capital Co., Ltd., Tongwei New Energy Co., Ltd. (10kV photovoltaic power generation), Wuhan Boxing Wanguo Investment Co., Ltd., Hubei Guanyi Technology Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., Tianmen Yuehai Feed Co., Ltd., Tianmen Hongda Pavement Materials Co., Ltd., CNOOC Sales Hubei Co., Ltd. Tiansheng Gas Station in Tianmen City, Xiejiawan Hotel in Xianbei Industrial Park, Tianmen City, Hubei Taimeng Electric Co., Ltd., Hubei Bigao Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Tianmen Industrial Park Management Committee (South Railway Station Square), Hubei Dequan Science and Technology Park Co., Ltd., Hubei Wanghao Industrial Co., Ltd., Duoxiang Town Central School of Tianmen City, Hubei Daao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Tianmen Shuntong Bus Terminal Co., Ltd., Hubei Qixun Food Co., Ltd., Tianmen Bay Trading Co., Ltd., China Railway Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Hankou Station, Haokai Coating Material (Tianmen) Co., Ltd., Tianmen Antenna Baby Food Co., Ltd., Tianmen Lianshun Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. Industrial Park Power Station Repair Service Phone 4581229/15907228153

Due to the 10kV Lubu Line ’s newly-built Dawan 7 # area and Dawan 6 # area ’s high voltage fire, from 08:00 to 20:00 on December 20th, the 10kV Lubu line across 18 Dawan points and 33 switches was powered off. Involved power outages: Dawan Village, Liuwan Village, Henglin Town. Henglin Power Supply Station Repair Service Phone 4631789/15907228155

As the 16 # pole of the 10kV net town line was newly added to cooperate with the on-column circuit breaker to catch fire, power was cut off at 06:30 to 20; 00,10,10kV net town line. Scope of Power Outage: Jingtan Township. Jingtan Power Station Repair Service Tel: 4513363/15907228200

Due to the replacement of the gold 3 # distribution transformer, on December 20th, from 07:00 to 15:00, the 10kV board town board 21 switch was powered off. Involved power outages: Xiaoban Township, Xiaoban Village, Xiaoban Port, Xiaoban Middle School, Tianshun Fanye, Changfeng Cotton and Linen, Chen Fang Group 5, Sanxiang Road, Jincun Village, Luohuang Village (罗 黄 1 # , 4 #, 5 #) Taiwan area, Yuzui Village (Yuzui 2 #, 5 #, 4 #, 6 #) Taiwan area. Yanglin Power Supply Station Repair Service Phone 5248868/15907228016

Due to the power outage of the 10kV Lu16 Tongxing Line and the construction of a new connection line with the 10kV net 18 net town line, on December 20, 06:30 to 21:00, the 10kV Tongxing Line Lu16 Tongxing Sub 07 switchout was out of power. Involved power outages: Yanqiao Village, Huangkou Village, Tuku Village, Tongxing Village, Beihe Village, Qiaoling Village, Cuiling Village, Hefengdian Village, Zhoutai Village, Lujiakou Village, Geshanmu Industry, Tianmen Yongfu Cereals, Oils and Agriculture Trade Co., Ltd. Lu city power supply station repair service telephone 4513718/18872622239

Due to the 10kV Lu 21 Jinhe line cooperating with the power outage, the 10kV Lu 18 soldier iron line 2 # -4 # poles were assembled. From 06:30 to 18:00 on December 22, the 10kV Jinhe line Lu 21 switch and the 10kV soldier iron line Lu 18 switch power failure. Involved power outages: Yanhe Road (16 # public transformer), Luyue Village, Penglao Village, Zhoutai Village, Yaoxin Village, Zhangbi Village, Wutai Village, Xutai Village, Zhongwan Village, Qiaotou Village , Li Village, Weichang Village, Wangtai Village, Xiawan Village, Zhutai Village, Heling Village, Bingtie Village, Xionglao Village, Songtai Village, Longkeng Village, Baojia Village. Lu city power supply station repair service telephone 4513718/18872622239

Due to the 10kV chemical fiber line power failure and the 10kV chemical fiber line 35 # pole jumper released, from 13:30 to 21:00 on December 20, the 10kV chemical fiber board 22 switch was powered off. Involved power outages: Jinke Village, Yuzui Village (Yuzui 8 #) in Xiaoban Town. Yanglin Power Supply Station Repair Service Phone 5248868/15907228016   

Due to the 10kV 51 Chuangye Line's partial pole installation circuit breakers and cable head defect treatment, on December 21 from 07:00 to 19:00, the 10kV Chuangye Line's 51 switch was powered off. Involved power outages: Zhuangyuan Road, Chuangye Avenue, Sanxiang Road, Guanqiao Road, Nanyang Avenue, Tianyi Pharmaceutical, Raylock, Knockley, Lingfeng Technology, Tianrui Electronics, Tianmen Baolong Real Estate, Pengxiang Pharmaceutical , Group 4-5 of Qunli Village, Group 2-7 of Jieguan Village, Qiaoxiang Elementary School Unit, Talent Garden Unit, Jieguan Resettlement Community Unit, Changwan Village 1 Group, Guanqiao Road Low-rent House, Huatai Regent Court. Houkou Power Supply Station Repair Service Phone 522051/13429987933

As part of the 10kV Shunda Line and 10kV Axle Line were replaced by circuit breakers, from 07:00 to 19:00 on December 22nd, the 10kV Shunda line actually had 46 switches and the 10kV Axle line 49 actually lost power. Involved power outages: Qunli Village Group 1-Group 3, Huijin International, Traffic Audit, Tianyi Huafu, Friendship Village Group 2, Group 5, Group 6, Gardener Community, Politics and Law Committee Community, Tiandi Constellation, Gardener Low-rent House, Central Park, Friendship Community, Public Security Bureau Unit, Backing House Real Estate, Resettlement Community, Aimin Lane, Qixing Pump Industry, Tianyi Cotton Machine, Wugu Machinery, Axle Factory, Chutian Radio and Television Station, Fire Brigade, Navigation Station, Drug Administration Bureau , Housing Management Bureau, Tianmen Highway Administration Bureau, Jintianmen Packaging, No. 1 intersection via Nanyang Avenue to Xihuan Road, Chushang Investment Co., Ltd., Yuanyuan Mechanical and Electrical Omelon, Xiangxuehai Food Factory, Jinxingda Automobile, Tianxin Plastic, Hongsheng Paper Products, Yongfangshun Technology, Tianjia Commodity, Jiasheng Industry and Trade, Hengle Gongmao, Jianghan Sanjite, Weiton Bio, Zhongyan Guoli, Changqing Senior Apartment Wangling Village Group 3-5 , Guihua Village, Happy Village, Beside Happy Village Committee, Happy Village, Xionghe Village, Xionghe Village, Zengxiang Village. The repair service telephone of Lu Yu Power Supply Station is 5236390/15907228059; the repair service telephone of Houkou Power Supply Station is 5222011/13429987933.

   It rained late. Please prepare for power outages, please forgive the inconvenience caused by the power outage, thank you!

Kind reminder: The power transmission time will be advanced or delayed according to the weather, construction progress and other factors.

State Grid Tianmen Power Supply Company

                              年12 月17 December 17 , 2019

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