Blackout information from December 23 to 25, 2019

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Dear Power Customers:

Due to the new 10kV Yue26 Yimian cotton wire display and the removal of the old line, on December 25th, 06:30 to 22:00, the 10kV Yuemian Yiyue cotton 11 switch was powered off. Involved power outages: Yaokou Town, Yuekou Town, Hengdidu Village, Xinxingjing Village, Huangjiatan Village, Yongxingchang Village, Tianzhu Temple Village, Linchang Village, Zhonghe Village, Gongxing Village, Qianjialing Village. Yuekou Power Supply Station Repair Service Phone 4716917/15907228096

10kV Zhao 23 Tongyi line Yanmiao 3 # Taiwan area branch line 05 # pole A phase insulation tension clamp wire disconnection treatment; Tongyi 1 branch line 18 # pole A phase porcelain rod breakage replacement, December 24 08:30 To 19:00, 10kV Tongyi Line Zhao 23 Tongyi points 08 switch off. Involved power outages: Yanmiao Village, Pengjiagou Village, Nanhe Village, Yihe Village, Taiping Village, Daqiao Village, Group 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 of Tongshi Village, Tongyi Village, Shuanghe Village, Xuji Village, Chen Yun Village, Zhihe Village, Longshan New Village, Luxi Village, Tianmen Aiping Timber Processing Factory, Tianmen Hongyuan Cotton Industry Co., Ltd., Tianmen Jiakang Wheat Noodle Co., Ltd., Tuoshi Town Nanhe Junior High School, Tianmen Hongda Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. . Tiaoshi Power Supply Station Repair Service Phone 4761009/15907228202

Due to the Liumiao branch line renovation (high-voltage fire connection), on December 23 from 07:30 to 14:00, the 10kV Zhouchang Line Liu 13 switch was powered off. Involved power outages: 6 #, 7 #, Luling Village, Jiuzhen Town, Duchang Village, Duanchang Village, Shichang Village, Liumiao Village, Ziwen Village, Lichang Village, Xibaihu Pumping Station, Tongxing village. Jiuzhen Power Supply Station repair service telephone number 4861012/15907228112

Due to the high voltage fire of the newly-built Changshou Forest Farm's No. 1 Taiwan area, on July 24th from 07:30 to 20:00, the 10kV Changshou Line Liu 15 Changshou Min 04 switch was cut off. Scope of power outages: Xinglong Village, Qiuqiao Village, Zhengqiao Village, Wendun Village, Fangchang Village, Bishan Village, Changshou Village, Duanxin Village, Liuji Village, Tuanshan Village, Hurong Expressway Service Area, Zaoshi Town. Jiuzhen Power Supply Station repair service telephone number 4861012/15907228112  

10kV 325 钟黄线工业园区支线 19# 杆断路器安装, 12 24 07:30 20:00 10kV 钟黄线钟 325 钟黄分 13 开关停电。 Due to the installation of a new 10kV Zhong 325 Zhonghuang Line Industrial Park branch line 19 # pole circuit breaker , the 10kV Zhonghuang Line clock 325 Zhonghuang Fen 13 switch was cut off from 07:30 to 20:00 on December 24 . 1 2 3 4 5 组)、新华(除 1 4 5 组)、窑台、黄潭工业园、西庙、随岳高速服务区、小木桥。 Involved power outages: Wanchang ( Group 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 ), Xinhua (except Group 1 , 4 , 5 ), Kiln, Huangtan Industrial Park, Ximiao, Suiyue Expressway Service Area, Xiaomuqiao. 4971078/18807220626 Huangtan Power Station Emergency Repair Service Phone 4971078/18807220626

Due to the power outage of the 10kV horizontal 21 white field line and the 10kV Peng 14 Luo field line in conjunction with the new 10kV Taotan line pole pole assembly assembly wire display, on December 23 from 08:00 to 21:00, the 10kV white field line horizontal 21 white field line 44 switches, 10kV Luo field line Peng 14 Luo field points 19 switches power failure. Involved power outages: Sanba Village, Weiwan Village, Baichang Village, Jinzhuang Village, Yangzhuang Village, Xiongtan Village, Xinjian Village, Jinwan Village, Guanhu Village, Jiatai Village, Henglin Town; Luochang, Qingshui, Xiaowan, Xiongtan, Jinzhuang, Yangzhuang, newly built. Henglin Power Supply Station Repair Service Phone 4631789/15907228155

   Due to the 10kV 53 West Lake 04 # pole-mounted circuit breaker, from 08:00 to 21:00 on December 23, the 53k switch of the 10kV West Lake line went out of power. Involved power outages: Groups 1, 9, 13 of Houkou Village, Qiaoxiang Development Zone, Groups 5 to 7 of Qunli Village, Tianrui Electronics, Heiniu Industry, Baole Medicine, Aishang Medicine, Fujin Precision Technology , Zhongjing Science and Technology Park, Haochen Locomotive, Zhongjia Pharmaceutical, Zhongfu Neng New Materials, Huashitong, Jiahe Clothing, Xinchuang (Hubei) Semiconductor Technology, Yudian Energy. The repair service telephone of Lu Yu Power Supply Station is 5236390/15907228059; the repair service telephone of Houkou Power Supply Station is 5222011/13429987933.

It rained late. Please prepare for power outages, please forgive the inconvenience caused by the power outage, thank you!

Kind reminder: The power transmission time will be advanced or delayed according to the weather, construction progress and other factors.

State Grid Tianmen Power Supply Company

                          年12 月12 December 12 , 2019

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