Blackout information from December 03 to 04, 2019

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Dear Power Customers:

Due to the new 10kV Liu 15 Changshou Line Changshou 7 # Taiwan District fire connection and demolition of old lines, 06:30 to 20:00 on December 04, 10kV Changshou Line Liu 15 switch power failure, involving outages: Zaoshi Town: Xinglong Village, Qiuqiao Village, Zhengqiao Village, Wendun Village, Fangchang Village, Bishan Village, Changshou Village, Duanxin Village, Liuji Village, Tuanshan Village, Hurong Expressway Service Area. Jiuzhen Power Supply Station repair service telephone 4861012/15907228112.

10kV Yue 13 health line 41 # poles were added with open circuit installation; 10kV Yue 17 health line 41 # poles were added with circuit breaker installation, 07:30 to 21:00 on December 04, 10kV health line Yue 13 switch, 10kV Yuefei line Yue 17 switch power failure. Involved power outages: Health Village, Tangguai Village, Liu Tie Village, Cai Song Village, Chen Qiao Village, Huai Po Village, Liang Xiang Village, Yongxing Village, Zhang Yue Village, Hong Temple Village, Brave Village, Security Bridge Village, Yuefei Avenue, TV Station, Gas Station, Hehuatan Village, Xiaomiao Public Transformer, Sanitary Transformer, Xiaoyi Transformer, Yinhua Community Transformer, New Station Transformer, Xiaoyi Transformer, Lime Lane Transformer, Jiefang Avenue, Old Long-distance Station , Cotton Company, Second Doctor, Pengshi Town: Yanqiao Village, Shiqiao Village, Zouzhang Village, Baisha Village. Yuekou Power Supply Station Repair Service Phone 4716917/15907228096

Due to the replacement of high-voltage cables on the 10 # pole-11 # pole of the 10kV Xiangzhou 14 Dazhou line, on December 3 from 07:30 to 23:00, the 10kV Dazhou line Xiang14 Dazhou branch 01 power failure. Involved power outages: Yanjing Village, Duoxiang Village, Guangyun Village, Jiuhugou Village. Duoxiang Power Station Repair Service Phone 4581229/15907228153

   It rained late. Please prepare for power outages, please forgive the inconvenience caused by the power outage, thank you!

Kind reminder: The power transmission time will be advanced or delayed according to the weather, construction progress and other factors.

State Grid Tianmen Power Supply Company

                          年12 02 December 02 , 2019

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