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The Tianmen City People's Government portal website ( ) is a comprehensive government portal website established by the Tianmen City Government on the Internet. The Tianmen City People's Government portal is hosted by the Tianmen City People's Government Office and assumes management responsibilities. The Tianmen City Government e-Government Office (Tianmen City Government Information Center) undertakes and is responsible for operation and maintenance. The relevant functional departments and towns of Tianmen City are content guarantee units.

The Tianmen People's Government portal website strives to reflect the characteristics of "transparency" and "friendliness of the people": information disclosure-to release the major decisions of the municipal party committee and city government regulations, regulatory documents and authoritative information for you; work online-for citizens, enterprises Provide policy inquiries, work guides, related downloads and other services with investors; convenience services-provide you with various public services and practical information inquiries closely related to life and work; interactive platforms-mayor mailbox, opinion polls, online Interviews and civic forums provide you with channels to interact with the government.

The main columns of the portal of the Tianmen City People's Government: Tianmen News, Grassroots News, Open Government Affairs, Government Affairs Services, Interactive Communication, Investment in Tianmen, Inquiry Services, Policies and Regulations, Key Hot Topics, Overview of Tianmen, etc.

In order to continuously improve and develop the new version of the website, we sincerely hope that the general public will contribute ideas and suggestions to this website, and welcome valuable suggestions and suggestions to the portal of the Tianmen City People's Government.

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