Tianmen conducts first cross-departmental joint "double random, one open" spot check

01139288x0033/ Index Number: 01139288x0033 / 综合政务 政务动态 Subject Category: Comprehensive Government Affairs 2019年12月26日 Publication date: December 26, 2019
天门市市场监督管理局 Released by: Tianmen Market Supervision Administration Document number: None

Recently, the Tianmen Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, in conjunction with the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau and the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, carried out "double random, one open" spot checks on hazardous chemical enterprises, fireworks storage enterprises, and industrial, mining, and trade enterprises in the city.

This random inspection relies on the national enterprise credit information publicity system (Hubei) supervision platform to conduct targeted random random inspections of the city's hazardous chemical enterprises, fireworks storage enterprises, industrial, mining and commercial enterprises. The main inspection is whether the company fulfills its information disclosure obligations in accordance with the regulations, whether the registered residence or business place can contact the enterprise; whether it has established and perfected the three systems of work safety, whether it has organized personnel to conduct work safety education and training, and records them truthfully. Set warning signs at obvious locations, whether to regularly inspect and repair safety equipment and record, whether to regularly conduct inspections and records of hidden dangers in production safety accidents, and whether emergency plans have been formulated; labor contracts signed between enterprises and employees, social insurance paid for employees, The payment of wages and remuneration on time and in full was implemented by “entering the door once and checking multiple things” to effectively reduce the burden on the enterprise and ensure that the joint inspection by multiple departments was completed at one time. The inspection results will be entered into the national enterprise credit information publicity system in accordance with regulations, and entered into the "Credit Tianmen" platform for public announcement.

It is reported that according to the Tianmen Municipal Government's decision-making and deployment of the "decentralized service" reform, this year the city has steadily implemented a joint departmental random inspection work mechanism, implemented the department's joint "dual random, one open" supervision in batches across the city, and reduced the inspection of each department separately Disturbances to enterprises, effectively reduce the burden, and create a good business environment. This spot check is the first “double random, one open” spot check jointly conducted by the department.


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