Tianmen City Social Opinion Survey Center Launches Public Satisfaction Survey on Pollution Prevention and Control

01139288x0025/ Index Number: 01139288x0025 / 综合政务 政务动态 Subject Category: Comprehensive Government Affairs 2019年12月26日 Publication date: December 26, 2019
天门市统计局 Released by: Statistics Bureau of Tianmen Document number: None

From December 3rd to December 16th, under the relevant requirements and commissions of the Office of the Command Headquarters of Tianmen City for the improvement of ecological and environmental problems, the Tianmen City Social Opinion Survey Center conducted a public satisfaction survey on the work of the Tianmen City Pollution Control Campaign 2019.

The target of the survey involved three categories of staff members of administrative institutions, persons in charge of enterprises, and the general public, aged 18-65. The content of the survey focuses on the overall satisfaction with the work of fighting pollution in the region and the collection of opinions and suggestions.

In order to ensure the rigor, impartiality and authenticity of the survey activities, the Municipal Social Situation and Opinion Survey Center formulated a detailed survey implementation plan, divided into three survey teams, and conducted random sampling and telephone surveys on 26 township offices in the city. 600 survey respondents from different groups in the park conducted a questionnaire survey, and finally formed a survey report and reported it to the Office of the Command and Control Office of Rectification of Ecological and Environmental Problems.

The survey has achieved good results, a better understanding of the public's demand for ecological products, provided a reference basis for the next step in environmental governance decision-making, and ensured the battle against pollution prevention and control. Praise.


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