Youth Football "Four Into the Campus" Campaign Launched

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In order to further promote the popularization of football in the campus, the launching ceremony of the “Four Into the Campus” Youth Soccer Games of 2019 in the afternoon of December 27 was held in Tianmen No.1 Primary School.
Classic recitations of "My Motherland", football training exercises, poetry recitations "Hurr, Yellow River", dance performance "Football is here" ... one after another exciting warm-up programs are being performed. Subsequently, the launching ceremony kicked off with a solemn national anthem. Representatives of the football team read the "Campus Football Activity Proposal", and the leaders attended the conference to Jianghan School, Tuoshi No. 1 Middle School, Experimental Primary School, Tianmen No. 1 Primary School, Yucai Primary School, and Fishermen Representatives from Longhua Middle School donated football equipment to support youth football "four-entry campus" activities and guide more students to participate in football.
Since 2015, the Provincial Department of Education and the Sports Bureau have launched “Football Stars Entering Campus”, “Elite Coaches Entering Campus”, “Football Equipment Entering Campus”, “Jingchu Football Junior Selection”, and “Four Entering Campus” activities. Our city responded positively, making full use of youth sports clubs, sports traditional project schools and provincial youth football bases to arrange football projects and carry out football training, creating a strong atmosphere of football in the city. At present, the city's campus football teaching, training, competition system and policy guarantee system have been initially formed.
After the launching ceremony, a small campus football class in Tianmen held a class friendly match.


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