Winter campaign to tackle wage arrears progresses steadily

01139288x0007/ Index Number: 01139288x0007 / 综合政务 政务动态 Subject Category: Comprehensive Government Affairs 2019年12月26日 Publication date: December 26, 2019
市人社局 Released by: Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Affairs Document number: None

Recently, with the coordination of the Municipal Labor and Social Security Supervision Bureau, three migrant workers such as Zeng Moumou received arrears of wages. This is another result of our city's winter campaign to combat arrears of wages.

In the city's winter campaign to combat wage arrears, the Municipal Labor and Social Security Supervision Bureau has made every effort to promote the implementation of a wage protection system for migrant workers. On the one hand, it actively promotes "double random, one open" supervision, and establishes "one single, two databases", that is, a list of random spot checks, a list of law enforcement personnel and a list of employers, relying on the advantages of "two networks" of labor security supervision and timely maintenance. Update the basic unit information and implement dynamic management of the employers' database to ensure that the supervision work is open and transparent; on the other hand, relevant departments in various places have strictly implemented "local management, hierarchical responsibility, who is in charge and who is responsible", and continue to make efforts to manage arrears Issues on wages of migrant workers, and actively carried out special inspections on migrant workers' wages. In addition to checking the employer's payment of migrant workers' wages on time and in full, they also checked the implementation of relevant institutional arrangements and policy measures to ensure wage payment in recent years, supervised construction units to establish employee rosters, strengthen staff attendance management, promote collective wage negotiation, and implement Public announcement of wage payment, establishment of special account for wage payment, implementation of bank payroll model, speeding up the implementation of wage deposits, special accounts for migrant workers 'wages, and payment of migrant workers' pay on behalf of banks to ensure that wages are paid to migrant workers in full and on time. As of now, the "Operation Against Toughness" has helped 1,316 people receive nearly 30 million yuan in arrears.


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