Our city "has nothing out of nothing" to build the semiconductor industry

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As a breakthrough point of the city's semiconductor industry, the construction of Tianmen Xinchuang Electronic Information Industrial Park has achieved initial results. Recently, the individual building and field projects of the park are speeding up, the overall construction progress is over 85%, and the power supporting and basic greening of the park are also under construction.
The construction period of this project is 5 years, and it will be constructed in two phases. After completion, it will form an electronic information industrial park with an annual output of 7040KK various types of power semiconductors and vertical integration of upstream and downstream industrial chains, and achieve an annual output value of 2 billion yuan.
As a region with a relatively weak industrial foundation, how can you find a special industry that belongs to Tianmen? In the past two years, our city has actively connected with the development strategy of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, responded to the province's "one core, two belts and three regions" regional and industrial development layout, exerted advantages, promoted strengths and avoided weaknesses, and introduced advanced production capacity as an important starting point for industrial development. Wuhan's "core" industrial cluster is a strong breakthrough in the semiconductor industry.
In order to build Xinchuang Electronic Information Industrial Park into a high-standard, high-tech, high-efficiency new industrial park, and use this key project to lead the semiconductor industry to achieve new breakthroughs, our city adheres to high-standard, high-standard, high-quality construction, and formulated The "Development Plan of Tianmen Xinchuang Electronic Information Industrial Park" and the "2019 Tianmen Xinchuang Electronic Information Industrial Park Implementation Plan" were carried out; the docking project of the Yangtze River Economic Belt Industry Guidance Fund and the Tianmen County Economic Development Guidance Fund for investment projects ; Actively apply for projects to be included in this year's provincial key projects and major industrial projects supervised by the main leaders of the province; Actively support the already-produced Xichuang Semiconductor to speed up production capacity, introduce 10 advanced semiconductor production lines, and lead the development of the park with leading enterprises.
According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau, after internal training and external introduction, the 19 key links of semiconductor packaging testing have been used to accurately attract investment in the entire industry chain. At present, 16 projects have been attracted. The upstream companies that have put into production have production packaging frameworks. Core Electronics, Jingfeng Electronics, which produces encapsulants, and China-China alliances that produce wafer chips. Downstream companies have Yudian Energy, which produces mobile energy. Basically, a complete semiconductor manufacturing and packaging and testing industry has been established for industrial connection and supporting upstream and downstream companies. This also means that a complete semiconductor industry chain in our city has begun to take shape.


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