Guide to Opening Government Information of Tianmen Development and Reform Commission (2019 Edition)

01139288x0002/ Index Number: 01139288x0002 / 综合政务 政府信息公开指南 Subject Category: Comprehensive Government Affairs Guide to Government Information Disclosure 2019年10月08日 Publication date: October 08, 2019
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2019 4 3 日中华人民共和国国务院令第 711 号公布修订的《中华人民共和国政府信息公开条例》(以下简称《条例》)规定,特制定《天门市发展和改革委员会信息公开指南》(以下简称《指南》)。 According to the "Regulations on the Disclosure of Government Information of the People's Republic of China" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") promulgated and amended by the State Council Decree No. 711 of April 3 , 2019 , the "Guide to Information Disclosure of the Tianmen Development and Reform Commission" (Hereinafter referred to as the "Guide"). )上查阅该《指南》。 Citizens, legal persons or other organizations can consult the Guide on the website development and reform committee column of the Tianmen Municipal Government ( ).

I. Active disclosure

According to the "Regulations", adhere to the principle of publicity and non-disclosure as an exception. In addition to information that should not be disclosed such as confidentiality, the following information of the Tianmen Development and Reform Commission is disclosed:

机构领导及分工情况; 1. Institutional leadership and division of labor;

本机关职能、机构设置、办公地址、负责人姓名等; 2. The functions, organization settings, office address, name of the person in charge, etc .;

国家和省级法规、规章; 3. National and provincial laws and regulations;

以本机关名义发布或者本机关作为主办部门与其他部门联合发布的规范性文件等; 4. Regulatory documents issued in the name of this agency or jointly issued by this agency as the host department and other departments;

财政预算、决算信息; 5. Financial budget and final accounts information;

本机关阶段性工作计划、工作重点安排等 ; 6. The organization's phased work plan, key work arrangements, etc .;

本机关重要会议、活动的主要情况; 7. The main situation of important meetings and activities of this organ;

其他依照法律、法规和国家有关规定应当主动公开的信息。 8. Other information that should be proactively disclosed in accordance with laws, regulations and relevant state regulations.

20 个工作日内通过天门市人民政府网站或相关政务媒体等途径予以公开。 The above-mentioned actively disclosed government information shall be disclosed through the Tianmen Municipal People's Government website or related government affairs media within 20 working days from the date of formation or change of the information . Where laws and regulations provide otherwise for the time limit for government information disclosure, such provisions shall prevail.

Releasing related matters upon application

In addition to the government information that is actively disclosed, citizens, legal persons, or other organizations may apply to this agency for relevant government information according to their special needs such as production, living, and scientific research.

The government information disclosure application acceptance agency (see Article 3 of this Guide) is responsible for accepting government information disclosure applications from citizens, legal persons or other organizations.

、提出申请 1. File an application

When applying to this agency for government information, they should fill in the "Tianmen City Government Information Disclosure Application Form" (hereinafter referred to as the "Application Form"). http // 上填写申请。 The "Application Form" can be obtained from the receiving agency, or you can fill out the application on the website .

The applicant's description of the application for obtaining information should be as detailed and clear as possible; if possible, please provide the title, release time, document name or other hints of the agency to determine the content of the information.

1 )本机关受理书面或网站上提交的政府信息公开申请。 ( 1 ) This agency accepts government information disclosure applications submitted in writing or on the website.

In addition to the applicant submitting the "Application Form" in person, if the applicant submits the application by letter, please indicate the "application for disclosure of government information" in the lower left corner of the envelope; if the applicant applies by telegram or fax, please note accordingly The words "Application for Disclosure of Government Information".

2 )本机关受理通过互联网提交的政府信息公开申请。 ( 2 ) This agency accepts government information disclosure applications submitted through the Internet.

http // Applicants can fill in the electronic version of the "Application Form" on the website of this agency through the Internet, and submit an application for government information disclosure to this agency at .

When an applicant applies to this agency for government information related to him, he should present a valid ID or certification and submit a written application to this agency.

This agency does not directly accept applications made by telephone, short message, etc., but applicants can consult the corresponding service business by telephone.

、申请处理 2. Application processing

After receiving the government information disclosure application from citizens, legal persons or other organizations, this organ will check the identity of the applicants in corresponding ways as required.

After receiving the application, the agency will formally review the completeness of the requirements of the application, return the application with incomplete requirements, and ask the applicant to correct the information.

To the government information disclosure application submitted by the applicant, this agency will respond to different situations.

15 个工作日内予以答复;确需延长答复期限的,经政府信息公开工作机构负责人同意,延长答复时间不超过 15 个工作日,并告知申请人。 When this agency handles the applicant's government information disclosure application, if it can respond on the spot, it will reply on the spot; if it cannot respond on the spot, it will reply within 15 working days from the date of receipt of the application ; The person in charge of the open work agency agreed to extend the response time to no more than 15 working days and inform the applicant. If there are other provisions in the Regulations, those provisions shall prevail.

When the agency provides information upon application, it shall provide information based on the actual status of the information except those that should not be disclosed, and do not process, statistics, research, analyze or otherwise process the information.

、收费标准 3. Fees

The charge standard for applying for providing government information in accordance with the standards set by the relevant departments shall be implemented, and all the fees collected shall be turned over to the finance.

Citizens who apply for the disclosure of government information do have financial difficulties. I can submit an application for reduction or exemption of related expenses to this organ and fill out the relevant columns of the Application Form.

Third, government information disclosure agencies

The Tianmen Development and Reform Commission Office is the government information disclosure agency of the Tianmen Development and Reform Commission and is responsible for the information disclosure work of this organ.

62 号; Office address: No. 62 Zhongli Avenue , Tianmen City, Hubei Province ;

431700 Zip code: 431700 ;

8:30-12:00,14:00-17:30 Working time: 8: 30-12: 00, 14: 00-17: 30 on working days ;

0728-8211789 Phone: 0728-8211789 ;

0728-8502997 Fax number: 0728-8502997 ; Email address: .

Fourth, other

If a citizen, legal person or other organization considers that the government information record provided by the agency related to itself is inaccurate, it may apply to the agency for correction and provide evidence. This authority will handle the application accordingly and inform the applicant.

Citizens, legal persons, or other organizations who believe that their organs have not fulfilled their obligations to disclose government information in accordance with the law may file a complaint with this organ.

Citizens, legal persons or other organizations may also report to higher-level administrative organs, supervisory organs, or departments in charge of government information disclosure.


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