Circular of the People's Government of Tianmen City on Strengthening the Protection and Management of Zhangjiahu National Wetland Park in Tianmen, Hubei

01139288x/ Index Number: 01139288x / 农业、林业、水利 公文 Subject Category: Agriculture, Forestry, Water Conservancy 2019年03月04日 Publication date: March 04, 2019
天门市人民政府 Released by: Tianmen City People's Government 天政发〔2019〕7号 Symbol: Tianzhengfa [2019] No. 7

Township and town people's governments, offices, farms, Tianmen High-tech Park, Tianmen Industrial Park, municipal government departments:

In accordance with the laws and regulations of the Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, the Wildlife Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, the Provisions on the Management of Wetlands Protection, and the Measures for the Management of National Wetland Parks, in order to strengthen the protection and management of wetland resources in Zhangjiahu National Wetland Park, maintain the ecology Balance, the related matters are now notified as follows:

I. The protection scope of Zhangjiahu National Wetland Park referred to in this notice, the main scope is located to the east of Provincial Highway 213, south of Liuhe to Zhouchang Road, west of Duanchang to Zhangdian Farm Road, and north of Jiuzhen to Zhangdian Farm Road Within the closed area.

2. The waters, woodlands, forest trees, wild animals and plants, landmarks, signs, signs, and cultural landscapes in the protected area are protected by national laws. No unit or individual may illegally occupy or destroy them.

3. It is forbidden to expropriate or occupy land in the wetland park without authorization. If it is really necessary to acquire or occupy, the land-using unit shall solicit the opinions of the provincial forestry authorities, and may only go through the relevant formalities according to law after consent.

4. Unless otherwise stipulated by the state, the following acts are prohibited in wetland parks:

1. Open (enclose) reclamation and landfilling of wetlands;

排放湿地水资源或者截断湿地水系与外围的联系; 2. Discharge wetland water resources or cut off the connection between the wetland water system and its surroundings;

3. Dredging and mining;

向湿地排污, 倾倒有毒有害物质、废弃物、垃圾; 4. Drain sewage into wetlands and dump toxic and harmful substances, wastes and garbage;

5. Engage in any construction projects and development activities that do not meet the main functional positioning of real estate, resorts, farmhouses, golf courses, wind power, photovoltaic power generation, etc .;

6. Destroy wild animal habitats and migration channels, fish migration channels, and excessively harvest wild animals and plants;

引进任何可能造成张家湖湿地生态环境破坏的外来动植物物种 7. Introduce any alien animal and plant species that may cause damage to the ecological environment of Zhangjiahu Wetland ;

8. Livestock and animal husbandry, artificial feeding activities such as fertilization, bait feeding, cage culture, and fence culture;

9. Grazing, fishing, soil collection, water collection, release, grave repair, and wasteland without authorization;

10. Other activities that destroy wetlands and their ecological functions.

农业农村、水利和湖泊、生态环境、自然资源和规划等 职能部门及九真镇人民政府要各司其职、密切配合,共同做好湿地公园的保护管理工作。 V. The functional departments of agriculture and rural areas, water conservancy and lakes, ecological environment, natural resources and planning, as well as the people's government of Jiuzhen Town, must perform their duties and cooperate closely to jointly do a good job of protecting and managing wetland parks.

People from all walks of life are welcome to jointly supervise. Supervisory report phone: 0728-5222397


Tianmen City People's Government

February 28, 2019

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