Notice of the Municipal People's Government on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Measures for the Rehabilitation and Assistance of Disabled Children in Tianmen City

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市人民政府 Released by: Municipal People's Government 天政发〔2019〕2号 Symbol: Tianzhengfa [2019] No. 2

Township and town people's governments, offices, farms, Tianmen High-tech Park, Tianmen Industrial Park, and relevant departments of the municipal government:

The "Implementation Measures for the Rehabilitation and Assistance of Disabled Children in Tianmen City" has been approved by the municipal government, and is now issued to you. Please organize it carefully.

Tianmen City People's Government

January 19, 2019

Implementation Measures for Rehabilitation and Assistance for Disabled Children in Tianmen City

According to the spirit of the State Council's Opinions on Establishing a Rehabilitation and Assistance System for Disabled Children (Guo Fa [2018] No. 20) and the Notice of the Provincial People's Government on Printing and Distributing the Rehabilitation and Assistance System for Disabled Children in Hubei Province (E Zhengfa [2018] No. 37) Based on the actual situation of Tianmen, this method is specially formulated.

I. Guiding ideology

Guided by Xi Jinping's ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and the 2nd and 3rd Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, conscientiously implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Provincial Party Committee and the Government, and adhere to the people-centered Development ideas, firmly establish new development concepts, and strive to protect the basic rehabilitation service needs of children with disabilities. Strive to provide disabled children with basic rehabilitation services by 2025, and ensure healthy growth and comprehensive development rights.

Second, the overall requirements

Establish and improve the implementation measures for the rehabilitation and assistance of disabled children in line with the level of economic and social development in our city, and provide a strong guarantee for disabled children to receive basic rehabilitation services.

(1) Adhere to the government's leadership and save everything. Government departments at all levels must fully understand the significance of rehabilitation and assistance for children with disabilities from the perspective of building a well-off society in an all-round way, improving the quality of the population, and ensuring the right to survival and development of children with disabilities; Participating working mechanism; insisting on rescue, full coverage, and ensuring that disabled children with rehabilitation needs receive basic rehabilitation services.

(2) Adhere to integrating resources and making overall plans. Adopt measures for special assistance for rehabilitation of disabled children, reimbursement of basic medical insurance, reasonable family burden, effective integration of various types of social assistance and relevant departmental policies, and pool funds to address the rehabilitation needs of disabled children.

(3) Adhere to demand-oriented, moderate standards, and accessible services. Integrate rehabilitation services for children with disabilities into the social public service system, and provide systematic rehabilitation services for children with disabilities in multidisciplinary fields such as medical treatment, rehabilitation training, education, assistive device adaptation, and social integration. Public places such as schools, kindergartens, libraries, gymnasiums, parks, etc. shall accept children with disabilities to participate in social life, and create and improve environmental conditions for children with disabilities to integrate into social life. The government cultivates and supports social organizations to carry out rehabilitation services for children with disabilities.

(4) Adhere to shared responsibility, fairness and justice, and orderly regulation. Actively play the role of the family, society, and government to form a family responsibility model, with extensive social participation, and a shared responsibility system guaranteed by the government. Bring disabled children's rehabilitation assistance under the supervision of government departments, establish and improve a fair and standardized rehabilitation assistance mechanism, strengthen performance evaluation, and improve operational efficiency.

Third, the main content

(1) Rescue objects.

身体状况稳定,有康复意愿 家庭成员配合 Children with a household registration in Tianmen City, aged between 0 and 15 years, with a diagnosis of hearing impairment, cerebral palsy, autism, and mental retardation; the child's physical condition is stable, willing to recover, and family members cooperate .

(2) Contents of assistance.

Basic rehabilitation services such as limb correction surgery, rehabilitation training, and assistive device adaptation are the main purposes of reducing dysfunction, improving functional conditions, and enhancing self-care and social participation.

(3) Relief standards.

Each aided child is not limited to one rescue project. Surgical projects, institutional rehabilitation, and assistive device adaptation can be enjoyed at the same time according to the actual needs of the child.

1. Surgery items: limb correction including spina bifida, multi-finger (toe), congenital (toe), spinal and bony thorax congenital malformations, pediatric sequelae, congenital joint deformities, personal expenses at medical insurance reimbursement shall not exceed The standard of 6,000 yuan is actually subsidized.

2. Institutional rehabilitation training: subsidy for each eligible child aged 0-6 who is eligible for rehabilitation training is 16,000 yuan, and the training time is not less than 10 months. The period is not less than 6 months, and the subsidy standards can be dynamically adjusted according to the future adjustments and requirements of national and provincial standards. If the training time is less than the number of months, the payment shall be calculated based on the actual training months. Children who are referred to rehabilitation training at Tianmen Rehabilitation Institution will receive a monthly subsidy of 400 yuan per person. Rehabilitation assistance funds for disabled children are mainly used for the following expenses:

(1) Medical rehabilitation expenses borne by individuals after medical insurance reimbursement;

(2) Direct expenses incurred in receiving medical services, rehabilitation, education, assistive devices, social integration activities and other services in rehabilitation institutions;

(3) It is used to adapt to all kinds of universal assistive devices needed for the rehabilitation of disabled children.

(4) With the consent of the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation, children with disabilities receive rehabilitation at an off-site rehabilitation institution and subsidize the rehabilitation costs incurred in accordance with this level of assistance.

3. Assistive device adaptation items: according to the needs of the children assisted, hearing, speech, limb, intelligence and other types of assistive devices are distributed. Each person can be equipped with 2-3 assistive devices per year, and they are replaced every year according to their growth and development needs. , The annual subsidy subsidy cost does not exceed 6000 yuan.

(4) Designated institutions.

Rehabilitation assistance for disabled children needs to be carried out in designated institutions. The designated institutions implement dynamic management, and apply for approval every year, which can be added or cancelled each year according to the service situation. The Municipal Disabled Persons Federation, together with the health and family planning, education, civil affairs, human society and other departments, shall review and confirm the designated institutions, and submit the list of approved institutions to the Provincial Disabled Persons' Federation.

(5) Rescue process.

1. Parents apply voluntarily.

In accordance with the voluntary principle, a guardian (trustor) of a disabled child who meets the conditions for assistance should bring the registered child's account and valid diagnosis certificate (diagnostic certificate of a hospital at or above the county level), apply to the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation, and truthfully fill out the "Special Rehabilitation Assistance for Disabled Children Approval Form for Institutional Rehabilitation Training Projects.

2. Disability Federation review and confirm.

The Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation reviews the application data for rehabilitation assistance for disabled children, determines the recipients, projects, standards, rehabilitation agencies and subsidy methods for subsidies. After passing the review, it applies for approval in the “Rehabilitation Training Project for Special Rehabilitation Institutions for Disabled Children” Sign and stamp on the form.

3. Institutional rehabilitation and placement.

The designated rehabilitation institutions will resettle the recipients based on the project application approval form approved and stamped by the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation, signing rehabilitation agreements, establishing rehabilitation files, formulating rehabilitation training plans, implementing rehabilitation training, and conducting regular rehabilitation assessments; conducting parent training for recipients as required . Guardians (clients) of children with disabilities aged 0-10 who apply for assistance can choose a designated rehabilitation institution to receive rehabilitation services, and children aged 11-15 receive rehabilitation services at Tianmen rehabilitation institutions.

4. Fund settlement.

After a child with a disability has completed rehabilitation treatment at a designated rehabilitation institution, the expenses incurred are reviewed by the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation to adopt the following two payment methods according to standards:

(1) Parents advance advance payment and receive rehabilitation treatment at designated institutions. After the rehabilitation is completed, they will be reimbursed to the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation according to the project assistance standard with the project application approval form, rehabilitation agreement and payment voucher;

(2) The Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation has signed an agreement with the designated rehabilitation institutions identified by the Provincial Disabled Persons' Federation, and the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation directly allocates subsidy funds to the designated rehabilitation institutions according to the agreement.

(6) Inspection and evaluation .

Every year, the municipal government entrusts a third-party agency to perform performance evaluation on the implementation of the rescue project, and the evaluation results will be made public to the society in an appropriate manner and accept social supervision.

Work requirements

(1) Strengthen organizational leadership and division of responsibilities.

The rehabilitation program for disabled children is implemented under the responsibility system of the people's government. 督导各相关部门 紧密配合,按职责分工做好相关工作。 The municipal government included rehabilitation assistance for disabled children in the assessment and evaluation index system, supervised the relevant departments to cooperate closely, and performed related tasks according to the division of responsibilities.

1. The Disabled Persons' Federation shall organize and implement the rehabilitation and assistance work for local disabled children in accordance with the work of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. Effectively give play to the role of organization and coordination to screen and master the rehabilitation needs of children with disabilities; in conjunction with relevant departments, in accordance with the principles of convenience and openness, select and identify rehabilitation institutions that provide services for children with disabilities, and jointly perform their supervision responsibilities for rehabilitation institutions.

2. The education department shall guarantee the right of disabled children to education in accordance with the law, implement disability assistance policies, and give preference to special education teachers in various evaluations, commendations, and job evaluations in the education system.

3. The civil affairs department shall implement social assistance policies, provide living allowances and temporary assistance to families with children with disabilities, and solve the problem of living difficulties for children with disabilities during their rehabilitation.

4. The financial department shall timely and fully arrange the rehabilitation assistance funds and working funds for disabled children aged 11-15 years to be included in the fiscal year budget; timely arrange for the use of the rehabilitation assistance funds and working funds for disabled children aged 0-10 who are allocated by superiors in a timely manner, and make good preparation Protection.

5. The human and social departments shall include the rehabilitation expenses incurred by disabled children in designated institutions in the scope of medical insurance reimbursement, establish additional reimbursement items, increase the reimbursement ratio, and simplify the reimbursement procedures. 残疾儿童门诊医疗康复费用列入正常报销范围,将符合条件的机构视同分级转介的一类医疗单位,落实同等报销比例。 Explore the inclusion of outpatient medical rehabilitation expenses for disabled children in the normal reimbursement scope, treat eligible institutions as a class of medical units referred by grades, and implement the same reimbursement ratio.

6. The health and family planning department shall actively cooperate with the Municipal Disabled Persons Federation to carry out screening work for children with disabilities, establish a screening and registration system for disabled children, and share information with disabled disabled persons at the same level.

7. Poverty alleviation departments shall include the rehabilitation of children with disabilities as the key content of targeted poverty alleviation and health poverty alleviation, ensure that the relevant policies are tilted towards children with disabilities, increase the support for children with disabilities, and provide accurate assistance to families with children with disabilities who have set up files help.

(2) Establish a rehabilitation service system for disabled children.

将康复机构设置纳入基本公共服务体系规划,鼓励和支持多种形式举办康复机构,逐步建立以家庭为基础、社区为依托,残疾人康复中心为主体,医疗卫生单位为技术支撑,社会康复机构共同参与的残疾儿童康复服务体系。 It is necessary to strengthen the building of rehabilitation assistance for disabled children, incorporate rehabilitation institutions into the basic public service system planning, encourage and support the establishment of rehabilitation institutions in various forms, and gradually establish family-based and community-based rehabilitation centers for the disabled. The unit is a technology-based rehabilitation service system for children with disabilities that is jointly participated by social rehabilitation institutions. Strengthen the rehabilitation professional talent team and rehabilitation service capacity building for disabled children, build a comprehensive management information platform for disabled children's rehabilitation assistance services, and promote the development of disabled children's rehabilitation.

(3) Strengthen supervision and management.

Local governments effectively take responsibility for the supervision and management of rehabilitation and assistance for children with disabilities, and increase administrative accountability. Relevant government departments and the Disabled Persons' Federation shall improve the supervision system, and implement dynamic review and supervision of rescue targets and rehabilitation institutions. The finance and auditing departments have strengthened the supervision and inspection of the management and use of rehabilitation aid funds for children with disabilities to prevent oversight, misappropriation, arbitrage and other violations of discipline and law. Units and individuals who have issued false materials to defraud recovery assistance funds shall be investigated and dealt with severely. The implementation of rehabilitation assistance for disabled children should be made public to the society on a regular basis, fully accept social supervision, find problems, and investigate in a timely manner. Rehabilitation institutions whose performance evaluation fails to meet the requirements of the agreement shall be rectified within a time limit; if the rectification still fails to meet the standards, their qualifications for bidding or rehabilitation shall be cancelled.

(4) Strengthen social mobilization and policy promotion.

It is necessary to make full use of various media to publicize the rehabilitation and assistance policies for disabled children, create a good atmosphere of public opinion, and allow the whole society to care about and support the rehabilitation of disabled children. Widely mobilize social forces to participate in rehabilitation services for children with disabilities, and create a good barrier-free environment for children with disabilities to participate in and integrate into social life.

This implementation method will be implemented as of the date of promulgation.

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