Govern the city in accordance with the law, and promote the construction of the gate of law

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收看天门网“嘉宾访谈” 栏目。 [Moderator] Hello everyone, everyone! Welcome to the "Guest Interview" section of 市委全面依法治市办副主任, 市司法局党组书记 、局长李靖 同志,就如何发挥 全面依法治市 职能作用,推进法治 天门 建设相关问题与网友进行交流。 Today we are fortunate to have invited the Vice-Chairman of the Municipal Party Committee to Fully Rule the City by Law , the Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Municipal Judicial Bureau , Li Jing , to exchange ideas with netizens on how to give full play to the role of managing the city by law and promote the construction of the rule of law .

,您好,请您先简要介绍一下新组建的市 委依法治市办 职能有哪些? Hello, Director Li , would you please briefly introduce the functions of the newly formed municipal party committee to run the city office according to law ?

李靖 】主持人好,各位网友大家好。 [ Li Jing ] Hello host, hello everyone. 市委全面依法治市 工作的关心和支持。 I am very pleased to communicate with all netizens, and I am very grateful to the majority of netizens for their care and support for the municipal party committee's comprehensive administration of the city . 2019年 机构改革方案,原市司法局与原市政府法制办进行职能整合,重新组建市司法局,市委全面依法治市委员会办公室设在市司法局。 According to the 2019 institutional reform plan, the former Municipal Judiciary Bureau and the former Municipal Government's Legal Affairs Office carried out functional integration, re-established the Municipal Judicial Bureau, and the Municipal Party Committee's Office of the Municipal Committee Fully Ruled by Law was established in the Municipal Judicial Bureau. 委依法治市委员会 责和任务 概括起来讲就是: 负责全面依法治市的总体谋划、统筹协调,整体推进、督促落实。 The responsibilities and tasks of the reorganized municipal party committee governing the city in accordance with the law can be summarized as follows: overall planning, overall coordination, and overall promotion and supervision of the overall administration of the city according to law. The main responsibilities are: to implement the basic strategy of comprehensively administering the country according to law, the provincial party committee to comprehensively administer the province and the municipal party committee to make comprehensive decisions and deployment in accordance with the law, and to coordinate the promotion of strict law enforcement, fair justice, and national observance of the law. To study and resolve major issues and issues that comprehensively promote the administration of the city according to law. Its main tasks are: to guide, promote, and urge the Party Central Committee to fully implement the rule of law, the provincial Party committee to fully govern the province, and the municipal party committee to implement the decision-making and deployment of the city, to guide the coordination groups and local departments of the rule of law, coordinate and coordinate processing Major issues concerning the overall strategic long-term, cross-sectoral and cross-sectoral rule of law work.

法治天门 建设中发挥作用? [Host] How does the Municipal Bureau of Justice play a role in serving the rule of law ?

李靖 】全市司法行政系统将以学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为统领,坚持“服务党委、服务政府、服务群众”的工作思路,瞄准“创全省一流”的工作目标,全力为建设 法治天门 作出积极贡献。 [ Li Jing ] The city's judicial administrative system will be guided by the study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics, adhere to the work idea of "serving the party committee, serving the government, and serving the people," aiming at the goal of "creating the first-class in the whole province", Make positive contributions to the construction of the rule of law . The first is to strengthen overall coordination and become a "booster" for the construction of the rule of law. 天门 样本”。 We will conscientiously implement the various decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee on administering the country in accordance with the law, give full play to the role of the office of administering the city in accordance with the law, strengthen the coordination of major issues and issues in the field of rule of law, open up all aspects of law enforcement, justice, and law compliance, and coordinate the formulation and implementation of relevant Rule of law measures to create a " Tianmen sample" of rule of law practice . The second is to closely follow the work of the center and act as a "think tank" for legal services. We will fully promote the full coverage of legal advisors and work around the city center to guide legal services to government policy, corporate development, and people's livelihood, and provide accurate, high-quality, and efficient legal services. The third is to pay attention to source prevention and control, and to maintain a stable "reducing valve". 法治 维稳为工作主线,压紧压实工作责任,主动参与扫黑除恶专项斗争,统筹做好人民调解、社区矫正、安置帮教等工作,着力防范化解重大风险,严格落实重点人员管控措施,严防发生刑满释放人员个人极端事件,营造平安和谐的社会氛围。 Focusing on the rule of law and maintaining stability as the main line of work, compacting and consolidating work responsibilities, taking the initiative to participate in the special struggle to combat gangsters and eliminating evils, coordinating people's mediation, community corrections, resettlement assistance, and other tasks, focusing on preventing and resolving major risks, and strictly implementing key personnel control measures. Prevent personal extremes of persons released after serving their sentences, and create a peaceful and harmonious social atmosphere.

工作是怎样开展的 ? [Moderator] How did the key work of comprehensively administering the city according to law be carried out this year ?

李靖 6月6日,市委召开了全面依法治市委员会第 一次会议,为我市全面依法治市工作定方向、理思路、明路径、立规则。 [ Jing Li ] On June 6, the Municipal Party Committee held the first meeting of the Committee for the Comprehensive Management of the City in accordance with the law, which set the direction, rationale, clear path, and set rules for the city's work to comprehensively manage the city according to law. The meeting conveyed and learned the spirit of the first and second meetings of the Central Committee for Governing the Country According to Law and the Provincial Committee for Governing the Province According to Law. The working rules of the office heard the report on the main points of work of the committee in 2019 and several recent key tasks. The meeting clarified the organizational structure and rules of procedure. On July 1, the Municipal Party Committee governing the Municipal Affairs Office in accordance with the law held a meeting of all staff members in the Judiciary Bureau. The director of the Municipal Party Committee governing the Municipal Affairs Office in accordance with the law, Comrade Gan Minxin, presided over the meeting and gave a speech. The meeting conveyed and learned the spirit of Xiong Xuanguo, the Deputy Minister of Justice, at the Hubei Provincial Party Committee on the Comprehensive Governance of the Provincial Committee, and made specific arrangements for the tasks of fully administering the city in accordance with the law in 2019. The meeting seriously addressed what and how to grasp.

On August 16, Zhuang Guangming, secretary of the municipal party committee and director of the municipal party committee governing the city according to law, went to the Municipal Letters and Visits Bureau, the Civil Affairs Bureau, Huatai Primary School, the Municipal Procuratorate, the Municipal Market Supervision Administration, and the Municipal Judiciary Bureau. Law enforcement education, confession and confession of punishment were carried out in terms of the implementation of the lenient system, law enforcement in the food and drug field, and the operation of public legal service halls. Later, Secretary Zhuang presided over a forum in the conference room of the Municipal Judicial Bureau. After listening to the report of the Municipal Party Committee on administering the city office according to law, it emphasized the importance of administering the city by law and pointed out the focus and goals of the future work.

On August 10, the city began to actively prepare for the demonstration and creation of the government under the rule of law. On August 30, the application for the creation of individual and comprehensive demonstrations was completed.

市委全面依法治市委员会召开三个协调小组工作对接座谈会,汇报交流工作完成情况,安排部署当前和下阶段全面依法治市重点工作。 On September 5th, the Municipal Party Committee comprehensively governed the city in accordance with the law. The three coordinating groups held a work-matching symposium to report on the completion of the communication work and arrange the deployment of key tasks for the current and next stage of comprehensively governing the city.

On October 11, the Municipal Party Committee's law enforcement coordination group, which administers the city committee in accordance with the law, held its first meeting. The meeting conveyed and learned the key points of the work of the Law Enforcement Coordination Group of the Provincial (City) Committee for the Provincial (City) Committee to Fully Rule the Law in 2019 and the spirit of relevant meetings and documents, listened to the reports of the members of the Law Enforcement Coordination Group, and arranged the deployment of the Tianmen Party and government leadership And key tasks such as performance evaluation indicators for the construction of the rule of law for leaders in 2019.

On October 18, the first meeting of the Municipal Party Committee's Law-abiding and Law-Coordination Coordination Group of the Municipal Committee for the Comprehensive Management of Law was held. The meeting reviewed and approved in principle the “Rules of the Municipal Party Committee for the Comprehensive Coordination of the Law-Governing and Coordinating Group of the Municipal Committee of the Law”, and the “Guidelines for the Implementation of the Law-Responsibility Coordination Group of the Municipal Committee of the General-Administration of the City-wide Committee for the Law-compliance and Popularization of the Law”. The series of documents studied the recent law-abiding and law-enforcement work in the city and exchanged discussions on relevant documents.

全面落实“放管服”改革,努力营造法治化营商环境,我市重点从那些方面加强? [Moderator] Fully implement the reform of "delegating management services" and strive to create a business environment based on the rule of law. From which aspects should our city strengthen?

李靖 1.推进审批服务便民化。 [ Li Jing ] 1. Promote the examination and approval service for the convenience of the people. Government service centers have been set up at the municipal level, convenience service centers have been set up in towns, and convenience service points have been set up in administrative villages (houses) to ensure that service matters should be settled wherever possible. Do "Internet + Government Services".

2. Vigorously promote actions to reduce the number of people and facilitate the people. In the name of the Municipal Party Committee in accordance with the law governing the city office, the "Implementation Plan for Tianmen City to Further Promote Further Reduction of Credentials and Convenience of the People" was issued to the municipal government departments. On July 24, the cancellation list (a total of 31 items) of the first issue of certification in 2019 was announced to the public. On September 10, the city cleared 12 unnecessary matters. We will actively study and carry out pilot projects of the notification and commitment system for certification matters, and promote the further implementation of the "reduction of permits and convenience for the people".

3. Promote reform of the commercial system. Implement the "3550 + 100" reform, that is, shorten the business start-up time to less than 3 working days, reduce the real estate registration time to less than 5 working days, obtain construction permits within 50 working days for industrial construction projects, and reduce the construction approval time to Within 100 working days; implement the "run once" reform, receiving more than 1,000 people on average every day. Vigorously promote the "separation of licenses and licenses" reform, and implement "separation of licenses and licenses" on 106 items of administrative approval related to enterprises. The official seal system for newly settled enterprises in the city that attracts investment and investment is free of charge, and the government purchases services.

4. Leaders to solve people's concerns. Since February this year, the city has promoted the system in which government departments have settled in the government service window office system, and the leaders of 20 departments have taken turns in the city service center. The first person is stationed in the office, facing the masses directly, going straight to the problem, and solving it directly.

强化执法监督保障,推动行政机关公正文明执法我市如何贯彻落实? [Host] Strengthening supervision and enforcement of law enforcement, and promoting fair and civilized law enforcement by administrative agencies. How does our city implement it?

李靖 今年6月,市委依法治市办印发全面推行行政执法公示、行政执法全过程记录、重大行政执法决定法制审核三项制度的通知,为切实严格规范公正文明执法,推进法治政府建设奠定了坚实基础。 [ Jing Jing ] In June this year, the Municipal Party Committee in accordance with the rule of law issued a circular to comprehensively implement the three systems of administrative law enforcement publicity, administrative law enforcement records, and major administrative law enforcement decisions. A solid foundation. At the first meeting of the Municipal Party Committee's Law Enforcement Coordination Group of the City Council on October 11, issued a work order to promote the implementation of the "three systems" of administrative law enforcement, and urged all law enforcement agencies to develop a list of tasks, a list of responsibilities and a time limit to ensure The "three systems" have been effectively implemented.

20个市直 执法 单位负责人旁听人民法院庭审活动,通过观摩庭审,感受法律尊严,提高行政机关依法行政的执法水平和应诉能力,建立行政机关行政首长出庭应诉制度,改进行政执法工作,加强法治观念,牢固树立公正执法的思想观念。 On November 19, the Municipal Party Committee ruled the municipal office in accordance with the law and organized the heads of 20 municipal law enforcement units to observe court hearings of the people's court. Through watching the court trials, they felt the dignity of the law, improved the level of law enforcement and the ability to respond to law by administrative agencies, and established administrative agencies The head of court should respond to the lawsuit, improve administrative law enforcement, strengthen the concept of the rule of law, and firmly establish the ideology of fair law enforcement.

立足“惠民便民”,打通公共法律服务“最后一公里”,我市怎样做好做实? [Moderator] Based on "benefiting the people and helping the people" and getting through the "last mile" of public legal services, how does our city do well?

李靖 1.高标准建设市级公共法律服务大厅。 [ Li Jing ] 1. Establish a municipal public legal service hall with high standards. The city-level public legal service center was renovated and upgraded, and six windows including remote video meetings, notarization, and legal aid were set up, and convenient facilities such as number calling machines, drinking fountains, and paper cups were placed. The “12348” legal aid hotline was upgraded, and lawyers were placed on duty on the “12348” hotline platform to form a city-level public legal service entity platform with “uniform reception at the front desk, separate handling at the background, and timely feedback of results”.

2. Integrate resources and build the city's public legal service network. Public legal service workstations and public legal service studios have been established in 26 towns and 621 villages (residences) in the city to implement a one-stop service of unified acceptance, separate processing, and package settlement. We will improve the legal aid grid in cities, towns, and villages, and set up legal aid workstations in the Communist Youth League, Municipal Women's Federation, Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation, Municipal First Detention Center, Municipal Court and urban and rural communities.

3. Carrying out the popularization of the law as the carrier, and carrying out the popularization of the law in accordance with the law. Actively explore and innovate a new model of law promotion and diversification. The Municipal Office for Popularizing Law led the organization of the "French Caravan Series" event, and united a number of responsible departments for popularizing law into villages and schools to carry out publicity activities. Establish high-standard cultural demonstration villages such as Quanyan Village in Zaoshi City, Xinmin Village in Hushi Town, etc., and launch a law popularization column "Lawyer Statement", select selected lawyers to set up special classes, and combine hot spots such as marriage disputes, rural housing sites, and migrant workers. Topics, specially responsible, strict control, January issue.

4. Do a good job of people's mediation and ensure the "first line of defense" for social stability. Rely on social organizations to establish mediation platforms such as medical mediation committees, family mediation committees, and communication mediation committees, and set up mediation committees in each village (community) to achieve full coverage of the people's mediation network. Make full use of professional industry-based mediation committees, grass-roots judicial offices, and village-level conflict mediation rooms, and the "four-level linkage" working mechanism to achieve no conflicts. Up to now, the city has accepted a total of 2,413 civil disputes of various types, with 2,401 successful reconciliations, with a success rate of 98%.

5. Promote the reform of the administrative reconsideration system and unblock the channels for resolving administrative disputes. Integrate the administrative reconsideration function of the former Municipal Government's Legal System Office with the Municipal Judicial Bureau, set up the Administrative Reconsideration Response Section, and be equipped with professionals who have passed the legal professional qualification examination. Use the newly established national administrative review work platform for online case handling, advance the pilot work of the administrative review committee, and set up an administrative review expert consultation group to ensure the professionalism and credibility of administrative review decisions. Strict implementation of the "Regulations on Responsibilities of Persons in Charge of Administrative Law Enforcement Units", and the Chief Executive's response rate to court has reached 100%, ranking the forefront of the province.

[Moderator] How will the city promote the construction of public legal service system?

李靖 】近年来,全市公共法律服务体系建设成效初显,服务体系运行机制和规章制度逐步健全完善,服务供给能力和服务水平不断增强,群众满意程度不断提升。 [ Li Jing ] In recent years, the city's public legal service system has achieved initial results. The operating system and rules and regulations of the service system have been gradually improved. The service supply capacity and service level have been continuously enhanced, and the public satisfaction has been continuously improved. In the next step, we will conscientiously study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s requirements on “two fast, two full” and “covering urban and rural areas, convenient, efficient, and equal inclusive” of the public legal service system, and accelerate the construction of three major platforms: As an integrated public legal service system covering all time, space and business, it will further expand the field of innovative legal services, reform and innovate the legal service supply system and mechanism, and comprehensively improve the level of public legal service security, so that the people will have a greater sense of gain and happiness.

[Moderator] Recently, the Office of the Central Committee of the State Council for the Comprehensive Management of the Law has issued the "Opinions on Carrying out the Demonstration and Construction of a Government Ruled by Law". How will the city implement it?

李靖 】为深入贯彻落实党中央、国务院关于法治政府建设的系列决策部署,我市 正在 开展法治政府建设示范创建活动,将示范创建作为加强法治政府建设的关键措施和重要保障,注重以点带面,突出 天门 特色,严格创建标准,抓好薄弱环节,突破难点问题,加大综合性督查和专项督察力度,不断把法治政府建设向纵深推进。 [ Li Jing ] In order to thoroughly implement the series of decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the construction of a government ruled by law, the city is carrying out demonstration and creation activities of the construction of a government under the rule of law. The characteristics of the Tianmen , strict establishment of standards, grasping weak links, breaking through difficult issues, increasing comprehensive inspections and special inspections, and continuously promoting the construction of a government ruled by law.

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