Industrial promotion of rural development

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Moderator: Hello everyone, everyone! Welcome to the guest interview column. The revitalization of the countryside and the prosperity of the industry are the foundation and the prerequisite for solving all rural problems. Today on our program, please go to Xu Bijing, director of the Municipal Party Committee's agricultural office and director of the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau, to answer the situation of the city's industrial revitalization. Hello, Director Xu!

Guests: Hello host, everyone is friendly.

Moderator: Please briefly introduce the current situation of the rural industry in our city.

近年来 天门市 农业农村工作 认真贯彻落实习总书记关于扎实做好“三农”工作的指示精神 ,始终 以“农业兴、农民富、农村美”为 主线 推进农业供给侧结构性改革 为抓手, 统筹推进乡村振兴战略实施 ,坚持以“调”为先,抓好“品种、品质、品牌”建设,推动乡村产业高质量发展。 Guests: In recent years , Tianmen City's agricultural and rural work has carefully implemented the spirit of the general secretary of the internship's instructions on doing a good job in agriculture, rural areas, and farmers. The reform is the starting point, and the overall implementation of the rural revitalization strategy is implemented . The "adjustment" is the first priority, and the construction of "variety, quality, and brand" is promoted to promote the high-quality development of rural industries. 农业经济运行 稳中有进,“农-林-牧-渔”融合发展新格局雏形初具, “天东双水双绿”“天西蔬菜药材”“天北四季瓜果”三大农业板块 基本形成 乡村产业发展取得了良好的成效。 The city's agricultural production capacity and agricultural economic operation have made steady progress, and a new pattern of integrated development of "agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery" has begun to take shape. "The three major agricultural sectors have basically formed , and the rural industry has achieved good results.

Moderator: Please talk about the specific results of rural industry development in our city.

Guests: First, the agricultural production capacity has been steadily improved. In 2019, the city's grain planting area is expected to be 2,435,800 mu, with a total output of 945,900 tons, oil crop planting area of 547,000 mu, output of 102,000 tons, vegetable planting area of 290,000 mu, and output of 835,000 tons.

The second is the continuous optimization of the agricultural industry structure. The development of the rice industry was carried out, and the comprehensive rice paddy model based on "shrimp and rice farming" was developed to 300,000 mu and 100,000 mu of regenerated rice. Promote the adjustment of the structure of the traditional cotton area, forming a 200,000-acre vegetable base represented by Zhanggang cauliflower and Duobao cowpea, a 30,000-acre traditional Chinese medicine production base represented by Wangchang pinellia and Jiangchang chrysanthemum. Jianghu Watermelon is a 20,000 acre facility melon and fruit base.

Third, the development of new-type operating entities is strong. There are 90 leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization, 15 at the provincial level or above; 2,964 professional farmer cooperatives, including 10 national model cooperatives and 27 provincial model cooperatives. . The city's leisure agriculture demonstration sites have reached 25, and the number of farmhouses and fisherhouses has grown to more than 350.

Fourth, remarkable achievements have been made in the construction of agricultural brands. Zhanggang Cauliflower and Tianmen Pinellia were certified by the National Agricultural Product Geographical Indication. Tianmen Daylily Agricultural Product Geographical Indication passed the provincial evaluation. The city's "three products and one standard" agricultural products reached 37, and Zhuangpinjian rice was well-known trademark in China.

Moderator: What kind of work does the city do to promote the revitalization of rural industries?

Guests: First, actively develop grain production. In-depth implementation of the strategy of "storing grain on the ground and keeping grain on technology", according to the idea of developing double-crop rice in hilly areas, regenerating rice in lakeside areas, and planting wheat and rape in the plains in a wide range, scientific intercropping and intercropping, and expanding the area of grain sowing, Raise the multiple crop index to ensure that the area planted with grain is stable at more than 2.4 million mu; tap the potential of increasing production and efficiency of science and technology, vigorously promote high-yield integration technologies, cost-saving and efficiency-improving technologies, and science and technology to reduce disasters, and continually consolidate and increase food production capacity and improve the overall food Production capacity.

The second is to speed up the adjustment of planting structure and optimize varieties. 进一步优化区域结构、品种结构 ,加速发展紧缺、特色和绿色优质农产品生产。 In accordance with the requirements of the "consolidation, enhancement, promotion, and unblocking" policy, adhere to the working idea of "stabilizing grain, increasing oil, reducing cotton, expanding economic expansion", further optimize the regional structure and variety structure , and accelerate the development of scarce, characteristic and green and high-quality agricultural products. The overall layout of “Tiandong Shuangshui Shuanglv”, “Tianxi Vegetable Medicinal Materials” and “Tianbei Four Seasons Fruits and Fruits” was formulated, with townships such as Mayang, Duoxiang, Qianyi, Mawan, Henglin, Pengshi, Lushi, Jingtan, etc. "Double water and double green", the townships of Duobao, Tashi, Zhanggang, Jianghu, Yushen, Yuekou and other towns surround the vegetable industry, and the townships of Jiangchang, Wangchang, Huangtan and other towns surround the Chinese herbal medicine industry. Jingling and Yanglin , Tianmen High-tech Park, Huangtan, Shihe, Fozishan, Jiuzhen, Zaoshi, Hushi and other towns around the melon and fruit industry, combined with the construction of 30 agricultural boutique demonstration parks, to create intensive, large-scale, standardized rice and shrimp , Vegetables, medicine, and fruit dominate the industrial system.

The third is to promote green and efficient models and improve quality. Do a good job in the assembly and integration of varieties, facilities, machinery, technology and other factors, promote the application of "two reductions and one increase" technology to achieve green development. Rice promotes the "rice-shrimp intercropping" ecological planting and breeding model, promotes the "one-crop and two-harvesting" high-efficiency model, and focuses on the technology of centralized seedling raising, formula fertilization, unified control, and full-scale mechanized production; vegetables and fruits use "stable volume and quality improvement" Focusing on improving energy efficiency and pollution control, we will carry out the action of replacing organic fertilizers with vegetables, fruits, and organic fertilizers, and develop the "pig, cattle-marsh-vegetable, fruit" cycle ecological agriculture; rapeseed will promote the "345" model, and develop oil, flower, feed, Multipurpose development of vegetables and fertilizers. Standardize the use of agricultural inputs, carry out the recovery of agricultural waste such as pesticides and agricultural films, and reduce non-point source pollution.

The fourth is to strengthen industrial integration and development and build a brand. Actively promote the in-depth integration of agriculture and e-commerce, rural tourism, leisure agriculture, festivals and exhibitions, extend the industrial chain, and enhance the value chain. Development of family farms, leisure picking, farming experience, etc. along the main line of transportation along the river and along the river; "One District, Three Gardens" actively build agricultural product processing parks and vigorously develop agricultural product processing industries; vegetables, fruits and fruit-producing towns and villages strengthen the construction of primary agricultural product processing facilities, Improve the cold chain storage and logistics level of agricultural products. Actively cooperate with leading companies such as Xintian Agriculture, Zhuang Pinjian, and Red Day to develop order agriculture; build e-commerce platforms such as Leading Agriculture, Tianmen Post Rural E-commerce, and Tianmen Network Database to expand marketing channels. Solidly promote the construction of "three products and one standard", strengthen the brand marketing of agricultural products, strengthen brand planning, publicity and promotion, and organize new agricultural operators to participate in large-scale exhibitions such as food fairs, agricultural fairs, and product promotion meetings.

Moderator: In order to promote the further development of rural industries, what kind of work does our city plan to do next?

Guests: The first is to accelerate the optimization of industrial structure. Strengthen overall planning, improve the efficient industrial layout of Tiandong, Tianxi, and Tianbei, build 30 high-quality demonstration parks, and build a city-rural linkage, town-village, and town-village integration structure.

The second is to strengthen the deep integration of industries. 置农业和现代产业要素,培育多元融合主体,发展多类型融合业态,打造产业融合载体,构建利益联结机制,促进产业融合发展,增强乡村产业聚合力 Allocate agricultural and modern industrial elements across borders , cultivate diversified integration subjects, develop multiple types of integration formats, create industrial integration carriers, build interest linkage mechanisms, promote industrial integration and development, and strengthen rural industrial cohesion

质量发展。 The third is to promote green and high-quality development. Accelerate the popularization and application of green, high-quality and efficient planting and breeding models, guide various agricultural operators to build standardized production bases, and promote standardized production throughout the city. Strengthen the quality and safety management of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, veterinary drugs and feeds, promote the recovery and treatment of waste mulch and packaging waste, and promote healthy aquaculture. Accelerate the establishment of agricultural product quality grading, production area access, market access systems, and realize the entire industry chain supervision from field to dining table.

Fourth, increase support for innovation and entrepreneurship. 业促进行动,引导农民工、大中专毕业生、退役军人、科技人员等返乡入乡人员和“田秀才”、“土专家”、“乡创客”创新创业。 Implement rural employment and entrepreneurship promotion actions, and guide migrant workers, college graduates, retired soldiers, and scientific and technological personnel to return to the countryside and "Tian Xiucai", "native experts", and "township makers" to innovate and start businesses. Establish a rural innovation and entrepreneurship and incubation training base, and strengthen the training of innovation and entrepreneurship subjects such as rural artisans, culturally talented people, craftsmen, and management personnel to improve entrepreneurial skills.

徐局长 的详细解答,也感谢各位网友的热情参与! Moderator: Thank you, Director Xu , for your detailed answers, and thank you all for your enthusiastic participation!

Large-scale greenhouse watermelon planting base

Zhanggang Cauliflower Planting Base

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