The Municipal Affairs Service and Big Data Management Bureau exchanged information on the promotion of the “decentralized service” reform and big data construction

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Moderator: Hello everyone, welcome to the guest interview column. The guest invited to our program today is Gan Wentao, a member of the party group and deputy director of the Municipal Affairs Service and Big Data Administration Bureau, to communicate with all netizens on the city's promotion of the "decentralized service" reform and big data construction. Hello, Director Gan!

Guests: Hello host, hello everyone!

Moderator: Director Gan, as far as I know, your unit was previously called the government service center, and the people have also become accustomed to this name. Now it is called the government service and big data management bureau. Can you briefly introduce the basic situation of the unit to everyone? ?

Guest: Yes, host. 属于市政府工作部门,对外加挂市公共资源交易监督管理局牌子。 Based on the original government service center, the Municipal Affairs Service and Big Data Administration Bureau integrates the Public Resource Transaction Supervision Administration (Public Resource Transaction Supervision), the Economic and Information Commission (Smart City Construction), and the E-government Office (open government affairs, government services On the basis of the responsibilities of other units, the units just set up this year belong to the municipal government work department, and the city's public resource transaction supervision and management bureau brand is added to the outside. The main responsibilities are: first, to promote the transformation of government functions and the reform of "decentralization and management services"; second, to improve the utilization rate of big data and promote the construction of digital government; . There are three secondary units of Tianmen Investment Agency Service Center, Tianmen Municipal Affairs Service Center, and Tianmen City Big Data Management Center. 人。 The organization has just been formed and currently has a total of 24 people.

Moderator: Compared with the original unit, how has the new unit changed in terms of functions and responsibilities?

Guests: The original government service center had a single function, and its main responsibility was to do a good job in government management and security services. Units now have more functions, higher requirements and greater pressure. 监管”;四是政务公开;五是公共资源交易监督管理。 Five new responsibilities have been added: one is the reform of "decentralization of management services", that is, "simplification of administration and decentralization, combination of decentralization and management, and optimization of services"; second, the construction of digital government; It is the supervision and management of public resource transactions.

Moderator: Can you popularize what the big data management center of Xiatianmen is doing for everyone?

Guest: Big data is a very fashionable word. In our words, it is "massive data". Big data is very successful in business applications. We use big data in social governance to promote the national governance system and Modernize governance capabilities. The original government departments were divided and separated from each other, and the data of each department was also independent. The data was basically dormant and did not play a role. After the establishment of the Big Data Management Center, it is necessary to realize the value of these dormant mass data. The first is the connection and connection of various departments' systems, and the second is to summarize their data to the data sharing and exchange platform. Through data analysis, effective data is extracted and used by government departments for decision-making. At the same time, sharing of data also brings benefits to the common people and does not need to run many times. To sum it up in one sentence, "Let the data flow in various departments and let the common people run less."

Take a very simple application example: For example, if you want to open a Lu Cai restaurant, there must be two departments involved in the process of applying for a license: one is business, and the other is food and drug supervision. The original two departments required you to provide ID cards, food and medicine. The supervisor also needs your Business License. When the data of the two departments have been shared, then after you have obtained the business license from the industrial and commercial administration, you do not need to provide an identity card and business license when the Food and Drug Administration applies for the "Food Business License." Push directly to the Food and Drug Administration.

Another example of the use of big data, this situation will be encountered by people who shop online. When you search for an item on Taobao's webpage, your browsing trace is information. Taobao merchants will automatically perform big data analysis on the items you search for, analyze your preferences, and then automatically push you similar items. This is also a word we often hear "big data kills cooked".

Moderator: What is the current state of the promotion of big data work?

Guest: Big data is a brand new business. Although our city's big data management center has just been established, the organization is also being perfected, and the staffing is also in progress, but our work has not fallen, and it is progressing in an orderly manner. At present, the construction of the city's data sharing and exchange platform has been completed, and the supervision of the docking of data between the departments of the city and the platform is under way. Our big data center machine room is also under construction at the Science and Technology Museum, and it is expected to be completed and put into use by the end of the year. Various software and hardware are being improved.

年来,我们党不断深化对服务型政府建设的认识,持续推进政府职能转变,驰而不息推进“放管服”改革,取得了重大成就,积累了宝贵经验。 Moderator: In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, our party has continuously deepened its understanding of the construction of a service-oriented government, continued to promote the transformation of government functions, and continued to push forward the reform of "decentralized services". It has achieved major achievements and accumulated valuable experience. Then I would like to ask Director Gan to introduce the reform situation of our city or the basic situation of this year's "decentralization service" reform work.

Guest: OK. At present, various reforms are being promoted steadily under the care and attention of the city leaders. The Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Zhuang Guangming attached great importance to the reform work, took the reform work at heart, held it on his shoulders, and carried it on his shoulders. He held a number of special meetings to put forward clear requirements for the reform and construction of the “decentralization of service”. The reform of "decentralization of service" is the abbreviation for simplifying administration and decentralization, combining decentralization and management, and optimizing services. "Decentralization" means that the central government delegates administrative power and reduces administrative power without legal basis and legal authority. "Management" means that government departments must innovate and strengthen supervision functions, and use new technologies and systems to strengthen supervision system innovation. "Serving" means changing government functions, reducing government intervention in the market, and building a service-oriented government. Premier Li Keqiang once said: The essence of the "decentralization of service" reform is the government's self-revolution. It is necessary to cut the power in his hands, go to the department, and cut his own flesh. In essence, the reform of "delegating service" is a self-revolution with a knife-edge inward. ”,“ 3 ”即企业开办在3个工作日内办结,“ 5 ”即不动产登记在5个工作日内办结,“ 50 ”即工业建设项目在50个工作日内取得施工许可。 Our main reform task this year is " 3550 ", " 3 " means that the business is settled within 3 working days, " 5 " means that the real estate registration is completed within 5 working days, and " 50 " means that the industrial construction project is under 50 Obtain a construction permit within working days.3日,市委书记、市长庄光明主持召开市政府常务会议,研究天门市深化商事制度改革实施方案等事项,于614日印发《天门市深化商事制度改革实施方案》《天门市工业建设项目50个工作日取得施工许可审批改革工作方案》《天门市压缩不动产登记办理时限工作方案》三个工作方案,目前,“ 3550 ”改革已落地实施。 On June 3rd , the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Zhuang Guangming presided over the executive meeting of the municipal government to study matters such as the implementation plan for deepening commercial system reform in Tianmen City. On June 14 , Tianmen City issued the Implementation Plan for Deepening Commercial System Reform in Tianmen City. The three working plans of the "Working Plan for the Reform and Approval of the Construction License for Tianmen City's Compressed Real Estate Registration and Time Limit" were obtained within 50 working days for industrial construction projects. At present, the " 3550 " reform has been implemented. 改革进行了研究部署,于 7 15日下发了 《天门市 工程建设项目审批制度 改革实施方案》,同步筹集资金开发建设了 天门市工程建设项目网上办事大厅申报系统,已于923日上线运行,此举将极大的方便广大企业家办理工程项目报建。 In addition, the city also carried out research and deployment on the reform of the approval system for engineering construction projects . On July 15 , the " Implementation Plan for the Reform of the Tianmen City Construction Project Approval System " was issued , and funds were simultaneously developed to develop the Tianmen City construction project. The online office hall declaration system was launched on September 23 , which will greatly facilitate the majority of entrepreneurs to apply for construction projects.

Moderator: Among these reforms, which reform people and market players have a stronger sense of gain?

项。 Guests: There are four major reforms with a strong sense of gain among the masses and market players.

The first is the reform of real estate registration. 万群众利益最关联的。 This year, our city has sent people to Taizhou, Xiamen, and Wuhan to study the reform of the “one window joint office” for real estate registration. This reform is also most relevant to the interests of 1.6 million people in our city. The city leaders attach great importance to it and ask us to accelerate it. At present, the "one window joint office" has been realized. The Real Estate Bureau, Housing Security Service Center, Taxation Bureau, Surveying and Mapping, and Bank Payments have been integrated into one block, and the "One-stop processing and one-stop service" has been realized. Errands. In addition, in order to regulate the behavior of real estate development enterprises, maintain the order of the real estate market, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of owners, the Tianmen Municipal Government has issued documents prohibiting real estate development enterprises from collecting any fees on their behalf. At present, the payment of maintenance funds for newly purchased commercial buildings and the surveying and mapping of commercial buildings have been stationed in the government service hall for registration with the real estate registration in one block. In the past, real estate development companies charged high fees to handle for the owners. Now the introduction of this policy can make each house purchaser pay a few thousand yuan less in the cost of applying for a license, and the public feels higher.

The second is the reform of commercial registration. 设置了企业登记综合窗口,将市场监督局(含原工商局、质监局、食药监局)、税务局、人社局、第三方公司整合到一个区块,联合办公、统一收件、信息内部流转,进一步压缩了企业开办时间。 We have set up a comprehensive window for enterprise registration, integrating the Market Supervision Bureau (including the former Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Quality Supervision Bureau, Food and Drug Administration), the Taxation Bureau, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and third-party companies into a single block for joint office work and unified receipt. The internal flow of information has further reduced the time required for the establishment of enterprises. 个工作日之内,企业网上登记率达 以上。 At present, the establishment of enterprises in our city has been compressed to within one working day, and the online registration rate of enterprises has reached above.


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