The Office of the Municipal Party Committee's "Do Not Forget Your Original Mind and Remember Your Mission" Theme Education Leading Group Announces the First Batch of Special Rectification Work Results

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During the theme education of “Do n’t forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind”, 9 lead units and 24 participating units focused on problem orientation, adopted effective and effective measures, and vigorously promoted the special education theme treatment work. The first batch of rectification results are announced as follows:

I. Based on the unblocking of government orders, implementation of rectification around major decision-making arrangements

We will carry out special rectifications on the implementation of internships in the new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and the Party Central Committee ’s major decision-making arrangements. Do a good job of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions and instructions to implement the implementation of supervision and inspection, sort out one by one, set up a ledger by category, formulate a work list, make every effort to supervise the implementation and follow up the effectiveness, and complete 102 cleanups.

We will carry out special rectifications on issues such as the central inspection of poverty alleviation, supervision of anti-crime activities, supervision of environmental protection, and feedback from municipal party committees on ineffective implementation of rectification. In response to the outstanding problems in the five areas of the central poverty alleviation inspection tour, six specific measures were formulated, and a total of 19 problems were investigated, and 18,000 yuan was recovered. In response to the feedback from the Central Environmental Protection Supervisor, seven tasks of legislative action and reform were focused on.

Second, based on improving quality and efficiency, rectify the foundation of cadre and officer entrepreneurship

Carry out special rectification on issues such as inaction and inaction. In the form of supervision and key inspections, promptly urged all units in all places to carefully review and investigate the problems of inaction and inaction. A total of 51 problems were found and rectified, 51 were disciplinary and administrative, 13 were advised to talk, and 5 were adjusted. Critics educated 27 people. Documents such as the "Implementation Measures on Further Encouraging Caring for Township and Village Cadres" and other documents were issued to encourage cadres to act as officers.

Carry out centralized rectification of weak and scattered grass-roots party organizations. Accurately identify 30 weak and scattered key villages, adhere to targeted therapy, adjust 8 cadres of the "two committees" who perform poorly, select 53 outstanding cadres from municipal and rural organs as the village (community) first secretary, and select 23 wealthy experts 16 heads of rural professional cooperatives and 29 college graduates joined the "two committees" team to improve the vitality of grass-roots party organizations and consolidate the entrepreneurial synergy of officers. Upgraded and upgraded 16 weak and scattered village party members and mass service centers, researched and promulgated the "Measures for the Performance Evaluation of Village Cadres in Tianmen City," and seriously carried out the village party branch's "Ten Practical Things to Serve the People" and the disclosure of financial accounts. The construction of people's livelihood projects such as the construction of Tongcun and Tongzhuang highways, the renovation of 23 production bridges, and the maintenance of 24 sluices of pumping stations have been implemented, which will effectively enhance the people's sense of gain and happiness.

Third, based on changing the style of work, revolving around the continuous efforts to rectify the "four winds"

Carry out special rectification of outstanding issues that violate the spirit of the eight central regulations and the six opinions of the provincial party committee. Carry out solid self-examination and self-correction, carefully analyze and find system loopholes, improve the guidance on the administration of rewarding wages, travel expenses for travellers, and city transportation expenses collection and management, and curb abuses at the source, pass on travel expenses, "Four Winds" issues such as standard reception. At the same time, a supervision and management platform for official vehicles has been established to realize the entire process of use management and 24/7 control, and strictly prevent "corruption on wheels." Insist that the discipline will be stricter as we go further. We have investigated and dealt with 53 mental problems in violation of the eight regulations of the central government, including private car public maintenance and major operations, and imposed 79 disciplinary measures.

The special rectification of formalism and bureaucracy has increased the burden on the grass-roots level. Wenshan will be outstanding, and the inspections will be too frequent. Effectively reduce the number of Wenshan meetings and standardize inspections and inspections. As of the end of October, documents issued under the names of the municipal party committee, municipal government, and municipal "two offices" and meetings held decreased by 38.7% and 35.4% year-on-year, respectively. Planned inspections and examinations decreased by 57.6% year-on-year; cleaned up villages (communities) only listed 33 types of zombie brands that did not serve extension agencies and more than 2,300 pieces; cleaned up and reduced 292 WeChat work groups and 127 QQ work groups; standardized selection and evaluation Recognition of various creation activities, clean up and merge 2 items.

4. Solving problems for the people based on rectification, focusing on issues affecting the vital interests of the masses

Focusing on the outstanding issues in the poverty alleviation project. Carry out special governance for rural subsistence allowances, rectify "personal guarantees", "relationship guarantees", "disengagement guarantees", and "missing guarantees", and retire 860 rural subsistence allowances and 1343 persons who do not meet the conditions, and newly include 919 households and 1777 persons. Guarantee the basic housing safety of poor households and complete the renovation of 816 dilapidated houses throughout the year. The drinking water safety problem of 2,615 poor households was solved throughout the year. Strengthen the infrastructure construction of impoverished villages. It is planned to invest 59.46 million yuan in the construction of 116 kilometers of village-level highways and 43 kilometers of highways for poor villages.

Concentrate on issues that violate the interests of the masses and harm education equity in the field of education. Investigated and dealt with 4 cases of illegal supplementary classes, punished 3 persons, and organized and handled 1 person. It was found that there were 37 problems in applying for the subsidy for poor students in violation of regulations, and the recovery fund was 35,000 yuan. To solve the problem of students dropping out of compulsory education, we investigated 2153 clues, found 78 problems, and 73 of them have been resolved, and guarded education equity with practical actions.

Centralize the management of malpractices and prominent problems in the field of medical services. Focus on rectifying the problems of random charges, medications and inspections in the medical system, promote the application of intelligent monitoring platforms for medical services, and comprehensively apply intelligent monitoring systems in five or more secondary medical institutions. Thirty-eight hospitals completed the "three-eyes" comparison of intelligent supervision systems. Focused on solving the problem of poor service capacity of township and village health centers, established 2 medical communities, recruited 58 people for township health centers, supported the standardization of 15 village clinics, and urged 5 village clinics to be qualified Village doctors, directed training of 148 village doctors. In response to the problem of fraudulently obtaining medical insurance funds, an inspection was conducted on 1109 designated medical institutions, and 332 (times) illegal institutions were found and handled, 108 service agreements were suspended, 12 designated sites were disqualified, 1 judicial institution was transferred, and 88.841 million medical insurance funds were recovered. yuan.

Fifth, based on optimizing the environment, carry out remediation around building a beautiful production and living environment

Purify the law and order environment, and carry out special rectification on the problems of yellow gambling and evil forces, neglect of duty and even concealment and concealment, and serve as "protective umbrellas". A total of 125 telephones, letters and mails were reported concerning the problem of yellow gambling and drug protection, and 82 cases were handled through reorganization. During the operation, the public security organs handled a total of 637 yellow drug gambling cases, punished 1194 people, destroyed 6 yellow drug gambling gangs, and arrested 18 people involved. The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Investigation investigated and punished party members and cadres who were unwilling to accept gambling drugs and underworld forces, neglected their duties and even concealed and indulged themselves, and acted as "protective umbrellas" in 4 cases. The party discipline and administrative affairs were punished by 2 persons and transferred to 1 judicial organ.

Beautify the ecological environment, and carry out special rectifications on issues such as not paying attention to ideas and inadequate measures in promoting the implementation of the Yangtze River Economic Belt “together with great protection and no major development”, and to implement restoration and restoration of the Yangtze River ecological environment. Actively promote the restructuring and relocation of four chemical companies along the river, and ban 31 illegal wharfs of the Hanjiang trunk line. We cracked down on Hanjiang river for illegal sand mining, filed 11 punishments, transferred 5 cases, and imposed administrative fines of more than 360,000 yuan. Control ship pollution, forcibly dismantle 6 old ships that fail to meet the standards according to law, and supervise 42 ships in their home ports to configure domestic sewage, oil and water disposal facilities. The special control of agricultural non-point source pollution was implemented, and the total area under unified control reached 1.17 million mu. Implement pollution control for livestock and poultry breeding, demolish 2517 small and medium-sized farms, and urge 546 households to build manure pollution treatment facilities and equipment. Carry out rectification and improvement of sewage outfalls into rivers, and block and ban sewage outfalls of 3 enterprises. Combating illegal sewage discharge by enterprises, filing and investigating 14 illegal environmental pollution actions by enterprises, issuing 12 administrative penalties with a total penalty of 1.4 million yuan, transferring 2 cases of administrative detention by the public security department, and implementing 1 case of continuous daily punishment, ordering production suspension 1 case was rectified, 2 cases were seized and detained, and 2 cases were suspected of environmental pollution crimes.

In order to earnestly implement the special education rectification of the theme, the city's special education rectification team focused on goal-oriented, problem-oriented, and effect-oriented, using public satisfaction as the test standard, promoting public rectification with public exposure, and forming a strong deterrent by investigating and investigating. Combined with the evaluation activities of the “Top Ten Satisfied Units” and “Top Ten Dissatisfied Units” of the middle-level departments and grass-roots stations, we continued to supervise and rectify 980 unsatisfactory service objects and hold 326 people accountable. Up to now, 51 prominent issues have been exposed through the use of television for political affairs and "style supervision 360" to expose fraud, perfunctory coping, and inadequate service to the masses, with a total of 95 people accountable.

The reporter asked: What is the current progress of the special campaign to fight against evil and eliminate evil, and how do you plan to advance the special struggle in 2020?

Answer: Since the special campaign to combat crime and ward off evil, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government and the Provincial Public Security Department, has taken strong measures to combat crime, punish hegemony, and control chaos. The evil forces launched a fierce offensive and achieved remarkable results.

First, adhere to the high point of standing, and then increase strength to advance strongly. Wang Junhui, deputy mayor and director of public security, attaches great importance to the work of combating evil and eliminating evils. He supervises every Monday and deploys it every month. He has selected 48 capable police officers from all over the world to enrich the force of combating evils; Layering responsibilities, starting the "9 + 1" supervision work mechanism, and proceeding from top to bottom.

2. Persist in in-depth exploration and add measures to check the clues. Proactively sort out clues around key cases, personnel, and fields, publish reporting methods, and accept calls and letters from the masses within 24 hours; implement “six-level review” on all clues, and implement clues assigned by superiors and the masses to check for multiple times. "Three checks." Since the start of the special campaign to combat crimes and eliminate evils, a total of 643 clues related to crimes involving blacks and evils have been received, with a settlement rate of 87.5%; of these, 94 clues at the central and provincial levels have a settlement rate of 89.4%, ranking the forefront of the province.

Third, persist in opening the way and increase efforts to improve the results. Take crackdown in accordance with the law as the primary task of exerting the role of the main force in combating gangsters and eliminating evil, and punish and take the initiative to strike. Up to now, a total of 1 criminal-related cases, 3 criminal groups of evil forces, 33 criminal groups of crimes have been investigated, 162 criminal cases of nine types have been cracked, 286 criminal suspects have been arrested, 15 umbrella leads have been transferred. RMB 13.05 million was frozen and detained.

Fourth, persist in propaganda and launching a momentum to create an atmosphere. Make full use of old and new media to carry out various forms of publicity; rely on the province ’s first police caravan, and go to towns and villages every week to conduct publicity campaigns on anti-crime and anti-evil activities; special recording of the "Anti-Evil and Anti-evil Public Welfare Short Films" on the city's network The extensive media publicity fully demonstrated the strong determination and confidence of the public security organs in cracking down on the evil forces.

In the face of the special struggle to fight against evil and enter the deep water area, we must set our goal of deep digging and remediation unwavering, continue to make efforts, overcome difficulties, and push forward the special struggle's horizontal expansion and vertical depth.

The first is to achieve new breakthroughs in tackling tough cases. Accurately grasp the new trends of crimes involving black and evil, pay close attention to major cases involving black and evil, continue to solidify the city's leadership and other hard measures, and set off another wave of fierce offensives. To report clues to clear key cases, we must step up investigations and dig deeper into the dormant group. For those who are at large in criminal cases involving blacks and evils, organize a special operation to pursue and escape, and arrest criminals who are at large as soon as possible.

The second is to achieve new breakthroughs in "breaking the umbrella and breaking the net." The crackdown on "protective umbrellas" will be the next main attack direction, and we will thoroughly investigate the "relationship network" and never condone it. Further improve the two-way transfer feedback system and simultaneous case handling mechanism for public security and disciplinary supervision committees, strictly implement the requirements of "one case, three investigations", "two laws," and "signed endorsements", and dig deep into the problems of corruption and corruption behind the scenes and "protective umbrellas" "In order to combat evil and eliminate evil and anti-corruption" swatting fly "simultaneously.

The third is to achieve a new breakthrough in "breaking money and blood." Further unify the law enforcement thinking, strictly audit and evaluate, accurately grasp the scope and evidence standards of "black money" identification, and solve the problem of "black money" identification. The arrest of criminal suspects and the seizure of assets involved in the case shall be carried out simultaneously to solve the problem of "black money" collection. It is necessary to comprehensively use means such as recovery, confiscation, punishment of property penalties, and administrative fines, so that the sentencing penalties are in place and the problems of "black money" sentencing are solved. It is necessary to regulate the disposal of property in accordance with the law, not only to thoroughly investigate "black money", but also to protect legal property and legal operations.

The fourth is to achieve new breakthroughs in industry governance. Promote the competent authorities of key industries to implement industry supervision responsibilities, advance the "Four Non-One Obstacles" special action, and earnestly increase efforts to investigate evil clues and rectify chaos in the industry. We will improve the implementation of information sharing, clue discovery and transfer, and notification and feedback systems for political and legal units and industry authorities to promote effective convergence between criminal justice and administrative law enforcement.

Reporter asked: Food safety is related to the health and life of the people. What does the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau do to safeguard food safety?

Answer: The market supervision department takes the special rectification of food safety issues as a major political responsibility, and comprehensively deploys and solidly advances. In conjunction with the four departments of the Public Security, Education, Agriculture and Rural Bureau, a three-month special rectification of food safety issues was implemented, focusing on solving the lack of implementation of food safety responsibilities and food safety issues in our city, investigating and punishing a number of illegal and violating enterprises, and protecting the masses. Safety on the tip of your tongue. "

1. Intensify food supervision and random inspection, and strictly prevent and control food safety risks.

Carry out safety risk monitoring of key areas, key industries of food, food-related products, and agricultural product quality. So far, 560 batches of food safety supervision and random inspections have been completed, with a pass rate of 92.32%; 774 batches of food agricultural supervision and random inspections have been passed, with a pass rate of 99.0%; 200 batches of disinfected tableware have been randomly checked, and the pass rate is 80%. There are 110 batches of targeted tissue-specific spot checks, 50 batches have been completed, and the pass rate is 90%.

2. Focus on key tasks and focus on rectifying outstanding issues.

Focus on food safety on campus and around campus, food safety in government agencies, old-age care institutions, canteens in construction sites, food safety in online ordering and catering services, and special measures for rural food safety. Special attention will be paid to edible agricultural products such as pork and meat products, eggs, and false promotion of health food. Carry out special actions such as small restaurants and small workshop upgrades. Checked 1,049 food business units on campus and surrounding areas, ordered 239 rectifications, and 12 administrative interviews; checked 46 farmer's markets, and over 500 meat products business units; checked 794 vegetable, aquatic product, and egg product production and operation entities; Checked more than 1,600 catering service units; checked 194 health food production and operation entities and 20 direct selling companies; ordered 289 hidden problems to be rectified; received 66 complaints from the masses, and handled 53 problems.

3. Strengthen law enforcement in food safety and crack down on illegal crimes in the food sector.

In conjunction with the four departments of Public Security, Education, and Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, we severely cracked down on the problem of violations of laws and regulations in food production and operation, and resolutely banned "black factories", "black workshops", and "black dens." Up to now, a total of 225 cases of food safety have been investigated and handled, including overdue packaged foods, excessive use of food additives, publication of illegal food advertisements, production and operation logos that do not meet the requirements of food safety regulations, and 131 cases have been closed. "Black dens" 2.

Reporter asked: The classification of domestic garbage is a work that the public is more concerned about. Please tell us about the special rectification of garbage classification.

Answer: The city has started the waste sorting work in 7 batches with a total of more than 4,600 households, 16 government agencies, and a commercial complex in three batches. The waste sorting has been established for classified release, classified collection, classified transportation, and classified treatment. The operating system has achieved initial results.

I. In-depth promotion and promotion of classification

A total of 56 publicity boards and 47 public welfare signage plates were produced in each community and government unit. The "Tianmen Municipal Solid Waste Classification Guidance Manual" was prepared, and 30,000 publicity leaflets for garbage classification were printed, and a letter to the public was 30,000. All copies have been distributed to the units, communities and residents. In order to further stimulate the enthusiasm of the majority of residents, 30200 rolls of free garbage sorting bags were issued, with a total of 1.21 million points being redeemed and goods worth more than 10,000 yuan. As of now, the awareness rate of garbage classification in the pilot communities has reached over 90%, the participation rate has reached 85%, and the classification accuracy rate has reached 63%.

Second, unified guidance and release classification

In order to facilitate the residents of the pilot community to place various types of garbage at designated locations, a total of 89 recyclables and other garbage garbage bins were set up. Eight intelligent garbage sorting facilities were set up at the gates of each community or in the square area where the personnel are relatively concentrated, which is about 300 households The standard of 1 classification supervisor is equipped with a total of 18 garbage classification instructors and supervisors to guide residents to correct classification. The pilot public institutions have extensively carried out special training on waste classification knowledge and organized activities such as examinations and evaluations. At present, the pilot public institutions are equipped with a total of 326 recyclables and other garbage bins, and three recyclables, other garbage, and hazardous garbage bins. 78 groups, 5 groups of four sorting containers of recyclables, kitchen waste, hazardous waste, and other garbage, equipped with 16 supervisors.

Third, standardize the classification of insurance

Promote the harmless treatment and resource utilization of kitchen waste. Carry out the collection, transportation, and processing of food waste in the pilot districts of classification, and build a food waste treatment station with a daily processing capacity of 5 tons, to handle a total of 42.19 tons of food waste. Collectively carry out the processing of "shuishui" for catering units in urban areas. At present, more than 60 catering industry units have been included in the collection and transportation, and the daily collection and handling capacity is more than 20 tons.

Promote the classified storage and centralized sales of recyclable waste. The pilot unit designated professional recyclables temporary storage points, classified storage, and regularly concentrated sales to renewable resource recovery companies. So far, a total of 26 tons of recyclable garbage has been collected and recovered.

Promote centralized storage and harmless treatment of toxic and hazardous waste. Pilot units will set up temporary storage sites and take regular recycling methods to environmental protection disposal companies for centralized detoxification. Currently, a total of 35 kilograms of toxic and hazardous waste are stored.

The reporter asked: Controlling dropouts is a matter of vital interest to the masses. What measures has the Municipal Education Bureau taken to ensure that every child has school?

Answer: The Municipal Education Bureau regards the control of dropouts as one of the important inspection marks for the implementation of the educational theme of "do not forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind". It pays attention to people's livelihood, innovative measures, and steadily promotes special rectification work that harms the interests of the people in the education field. The annual compulsory education school-age consolidation rate has reached 99.6%.

Precise investigation without leaving one person. The Municipal Education Bureau decomposes all suspected dropouts into schools in different regions of the city, forms working classes to go to village groups and families, conducts investigations one by one, and fills in relevant information. For the school-age children who have confirmed to drop out of school, understand the reasons in detail, set up files one by one, and educate parents on laws and regulations. After visits and inspections, a total of 78 students dropped out of school for various reasons, including 35 people who needed to be repatriated and 43 people who did not need to be repatriated.

Tracking services without leaving anyone alone. According to the investigation and investigation, the Municipal Education Bureau has adopted different measures for different reasons for dropping out of school: Patients who drop out of school due to work, agriculture, and patient visits to persuade return; Those who drop out of school due to special reasons such as immigration, household registration, etc., provide remote education; Those who drop out of school should arrange regular school attendance, special education school attendance, rehabilitation institutions to receive education or provide door-to-door, distance education and other services according to the actual arrangements, and strive to enable every school-age child to receive compulsory education. At present, 35 people who need to be repatriated have successfully persuaded 10 to return to school, 8 have implemented long-distance teaching, and 12 have been sent home. The next 5 will be advised to deal with the return.

Caring and caring, not alone. Each school has set up a rural left-behind child care room, established a system for the registration and filing of left-behind children, strengthened education on the safety, rule of law, and mental health of left-behind children, learned about the living conditions and ideological trends of left-behind children, and made full use of parent meetings, home visits, and telephone to regularly communicate Parents and entrusted guardians of left-behind children communicate with each other to improve their sense of responsibility and education management, and prevent left-behind children from dropping out of school.

Through further focusing and deepening during the theme education, the effectiveness of the special governance for controlling dropouts has been continuously demonstrated, the compulsory education guarantee has been fully implemented, the interests of the masses have been effectively protected, and a good response has been achieved in society. Perceived actual results.

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