Public Sentence Campaign and Press Conference on Special Campaigns Against Crime and Evil are Held in Our City

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On the morning of the 19th, the city's public campaign to announce a special campaign to combat crime and eliminate evil was held in the city court. News media at the provincial and municipal levels, relevant units directly under the municipality, responsible persons in charge of the township and village office parks, representatives of some people's congresses, members of the CPPCC and citizens attended the event.

The city court issued a public verdict on Yang Weichang's case involving evil, and then held a press conference. The supervisors of the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission, the Municipal Political and Law Commission, and the Municipal Public Security Bureau respectively reported on the handling of cases involving "networks" and "protection umbrellas" involving blackness and evil, the development of the special struggle to combat crime and blackouts, and the investigation of cases involving blackness and evil. .

It is reported that since the start of the special campaign to combat crime and eliminate evil, the city has investigated a total of 1 case involving black criminals, 3 cases of criminal groups involving evil forces, destroyed 29 criminal gangs involved in criminal activities, and cracked 141 criminal cases involving nine types of criminal activities. There were 248 black criminal suspects; more than 10.5 million yuan worth of black and evil assets were seized, seized, seized, and frozen; the Municipal Procuratorate has filed 34 prosecutions and 106 people in accordance with the law; the city court has sentenced 3 to 8 people. At the same time, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has filed a total of 18 cases involving black corruption, "corruption" and "protective umbrellas", dealing with 23 people, disciplining 15 people, organizing and handling 8 people, and transferring 2 people to judicial authorities. At present, the city's social security environment, party style, political style, and social atmosphere have markedly improved, grassroots organizations have been further consolidated, and the investment and development environment has been further optimized.

After the press conference, relevant leaders of the municipal anti-crime and anti-evil special struggle leading group requested that all localities and departments should further strengthen publicity and launch a new round of special anti-evil and anti-evil special struggles; further adhere to targeted rectification and realize the central government Provincial supervision and feedback issues are cleared to zero; further promote the spirit of struggle, deepen our city's special struggle to combat evil and eliminate evil, and fully promote the high-quality development of Tianmen. (Reporter Wu Jun)

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