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Questionnaire about "unpaid blood donation" 2019-11-07
Survey Form of Migrant Workers in Tianmen City 2019-09-28
Survey on exercise habits 2019-04-28
National Reading Survey 2018-12-28
Waste classification questionnaire 2018-09-12
Tianmen City Master Plan (2018-2035) Public Opinion Inquiry Form 2018-09-06
If you were old, what kind of care would you choose? 2018-08-08
Water Resources Questionnaire 2018-02-23
Survey on future agricultural development 2017-10-20
Should students apply for cram school during summer vacation 2017-07-09
Public Cyber Security Awareness Questionnaire 2017-06-01
What do you think about the second child policy? 2017-05-10
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