Announcement on Soliciting Ten Practical Items of the Municipal Government in 2020

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   In order to further protect and improve people's livelihood and enhance the people's sense of gain, the municipal government decided to launch a solicitation for "Ten Practical Events" in 2020 for all sectors of society.
I. Solicitation time
November 25, 2019 to December 4, 2019.
Solicitation Content
It mainly focuses on guaranteeing and improving people's livelihood, including precision poverty alleviation, ecological environment protection, employment guarantee, culture and education, medical care, urban and rural infrastructure construction and housing guarantee, city management, public transportation, food and drug safety, public safety, etc., which are closely related to people's production and life s project.
3. Principles of Solicitation
1. The proposed project should be operable. It must be mentioned one by one, with clear time limits and specific content, which is easy to arrange and arrange.
2. The proposed project should be feasible, should be compatible with the city's economic and social development conditions, do its best, do its best, and be implemented.
3. The proposed project should be comprehensive, and should be the most concerned and urgently needed problem for the general public, representing the tangible interests and rights of the general public.
4. The proposed project should be legal and must comply with relevant laws and regulations.
Fourth, the collection method
1. Letter. Please write down the project name, content, application suggestions, contributor name, contact information and other information and mail it to the Municipal Government Affairs Inspection Office (Room 302, Municipal Government, Post Code: 431700).
2. Email. Please specify the project name, content, application suggestions, contributor name, contact information and other information to send to the mailbox:
It is hoped that the general public friends will participate actively. We will fully consider and respect the opinions and suggestions of the masses, take every letter seriously, systematically sort out and demonstrate the collected opinions and suggestions, and ensure that the "ten facts" reflect the opinions of the masses and meet the wishes of the citizens.

Tianmen Municipal People's Government Office
November 22, 2019



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