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In order to create a unique brand of Zhangjiahu National Wetland Park, fully display the wetland style and regional characteristics, strengthen the external image of the wetland park, and increase public participation, the Zhangjiahu National Wetland Park Logo (LOGO) design proposal is openly solicited for the whole society.
I. Solicitation Unit
Organizer: Zhangjiahu National Wetland Park Administration, Tianmen, Hubei.
Organizer: Hubei Qianhu Vision Technology Co., Ltd.
Solicitation Content
Logo design of Zhangjiahu National Wetland Park.
3. Solicitation time
From now until September 26, 2019.
Solicitation requirements
(1) The application should have distinctive characteristics and strong iconicity, highlighting the regional characteristics of the natural scenery and cultural features of the Zhangjiahu National Wetland Park, which is in line with the concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.
(2) The design of the LOGO is simple, easy to understand, artistic, and meets aesthetic requirements; it is highly applicable and easy to zoom in and out, and can be used on a variety of occasions and carriers such as websites, documents, stationery, publicity materials, and media publicity. Facilitate the production and production by various technological means.
(3) The design draft of the LOGO should be accompanied by a creative text description of the graphic logo and typeface, including the design drawing and technical text description (drawing size, proportion, color, etc.) and the concept description of the design drawing (meaning in the design) , Moral, background, etc.).
(4) The graphic design of the LOGO and the design draft of the typeface shall be accompanied by three-dimensional, color and other renderings, and standard color and special typeface design drafts shall be provided.
(5) The resolution of the graphic electronic draft of the logo (LOGO) works is not less than 300DPI (pixels / inches), JPG or TIF format, and vector graphics (AI format files) are provided.
(6) The style and form of the work is not limited, but it must be original and has not been published in any form before. Entries or any works used for creation shall not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties. Otherwise, you shall bear all legal responsibilities and compensate our unit for the losses suffered thereby.
V. Solicitation Scope
This event is open to the whole society.
6. Method of Solicitation
The work is submitted in the form of an electronic manuscript. Interested parties please send the electronic version of the design manuscript to the designated mailbox before the deadline of the event, and please indicate the name of the designer or author, the unit and contact information. All submissions are non-refundable. Contributors are requested to retain their original manuscripts.
Email address:
Contact: Ms. Li
Phone: 13720174160
7. Call for information
Publicly published by China First Collection Website.
Selection of works
(1) The organizer will invite experts in related fields to form a selection committee to evaluate the works selected, and finally select the Zhangjiahu National Wetland Park Logo (LOGO).
(2) The results of the selection will be announced on the website of China No.1 Collection Network before the end of September 2019.
(3) The organizer has the final right to determine the logo of Zhangjiahu National Wetland Park.
Nine, incentives
The solicitation activity rewards the top 3 finalists for the design proposal.
① The first-prize winner of the scheme accepted by the bidding will be awarded 5,000 yuan;
② One shortlisted but not accepted second prize for the scheme, rewarding RMB 2,000;
③ One short-listed but unrecruited third prize, 1,000 yuan.
Note: The above taxes and fees are at your own expense. The results of the selection will be notified to the winning authors by phone to receive the remuneration.
X. Related Statements
(1) The organizer has the free display right, use right and modification right for the selected works. Once adopted, the copyright belongs to the organizer.
(2) The organizer reserves the right of final interpretation for all documents of this solicitation.



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