Suggestions on Educational Development of Tianmen Industrial Park

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Letter from the core: people-oriented core factors

Letter time: 2019-12-10 13:05

The goal of Tianmen Industrial Park's urban construction seems to be to become a sub-city center with hundreds of thousands of people. I want to give a suggestion here. At present, the investment promotion in the park is not bad, but the investment promotion is good, and it is necessary to retain people and attract talents. The quality of education is the key to retaining people. There are so many houses in the park. Not just ordinary people who want to change their living environment, and the ordinary people's first concern is naturally the education and future of their children. Therefore, the education environment of the park has kept up, the population will naturally keep up, the population will come up, and the development of the park will also Will form a virtuous circle. Therefore, it is suggested that the leaders of the park should pay attention to the education cause of the park and build several decent public primary schools and public junior high schools. Moreover, this should also be taken as the top priority in the current development of the park.

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"Core factor people-oriented":   Hello!  

According to the proportion of the population base of urban development and the supporting infrastructure, our park planned to build a public school with primary and junior high schools in Tianmen Industrial Park in 2016. It will acquire 108 mu of land in 2017. In December of that year, it is planned to invest 80 million Tianmen Industry The groundbreaking experimental school broke ground. As of today, a teaching building (30 classrooms), 2 student apartments, a student cafeteria (including a comprehensive function hall) have been completed, a sports ground is under construction, and urban supporting facilities are being improved. It is expected that the junior middle school of the summer school will be put into use in 2020, and the Xianbei Middle School in the park will be renamed as Tianmen Industrial Park Central Primary School.  

Thank you for your concern and support for the education of Tianmen Industrial Park!

Tianmen Industrial Park

December 17, 2019

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