Water supply problems in shrimp and paddy fields

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Letter: Hope for the future of the village

Letter time: 2019-12-8 11:18

Our shrimp paddy field is next to the Dongfeng branch canal, and asked when the flood sluice gate at the junction of Bashi Village, Zhenshiling Village, Lushi Town, and Yanglin Office could be closed. Our shrimp paddy field can't be pumped when there is no water

回复内容: Water and Lake Bureau response:

根据《水利工程管理条例》和《信访条例》的相关政策与规定,现对该问题答复如下: "The future hope of the village": According to the relevant policies and regulations of the "Management Regulations for Water Conservancy Projects" and "Regulations for Letters and Visits", the answer to this question is as follows:
I. Investigation
In response to the problem you reflected, in the morning of December 9, 2019, the four-person investigation team formed by the Municipal Irrigation District Office, the Industrial Management Section, and the Progress Management Section went to the site to conduct a serious investigation and visit:
You reflect that there is no water in the canal at the junction of Bashi Village, Yangshi Office of Dongfeng Main Canal and Zhenheling Village, Lu City, and the flood gates in Bashi City have not been closed, which is true.
At present, in order to ensure the successful completion of the quality and quantity of the supporting construction of the irrigation district and the construction of water-saving renovation projects in 2019, according to the unified arrangements of the municipal party committee and municipal government, the Yinhan irrigation district was released in the "Tianmen Weekly" (03 Livelihood Edition) on November 29. Channel "Water Stop Announcement".
According to past practice, the irrigation cycle of the Han River Irrigation District is from mid-March to mid-October each year. During the period of water outages, the continuous construction of the year and the construction of water-saving reconstruction projects are carried out. In recent years, due to the large and frequent demand for shrimp and rice water supply, the water supply time has also been adjusted accordingly in order to provide the best possible service, which has greatly affected the construction of the project in the irrigation area.
Processing opinions
1. Our bureau will urge the construction party to increase the construction efforts, at the same time resolve the contradiction between water supply and construction, regulate the culverts and do a good job to ensure that the majority of shrimp farmers benefit, increase production and income, and benefit the people of Tianmen.
2. Our bureau recommends that farmers increase their water storage capacity and strengthen communication and contact with local towns and villages.
Thank you for your concern and support for the water conservancy cause!      

Tianmen Municipal Water Resources and Lake Bureau
December 16, 2019

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