Consultation on medical insurance reimbursement policy for pregnant women during prenatal examination

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From : Luna

Letter time: 2019-12-4 10:07

Is there any medical insurance preferential policy for prenatal screening of pregnant women in Tianmen City? I think that some areas in China such as Changsha and Tianjin have already included prenatal screening such as non-invasive DNA in the government's free projects. Does Tianmen City have similar preferential policies?

回复内容: The reply from the Medical Security Agency :

" Luna " :   Hello!

There are two situations in our city regarding the medical insurance reimbursement policy for prenatal checkups for pregnant women:  

1. According to the "Implementation Measures for the Basic Medical Insurance for Urban and Rural Residents of Tianmen City," the insured residents will receive a fixed amount of compensation for medical expenses during prenatal inspection, which will be reimbursed at 200 yuan per person.  

2. For urban employees who have participated in employee maternity insurance, the medical expenses for prenatal inspection are reimbursed at 300 yuan per person.  

You belong to the urban employees who have participated in maternity insurance, and you can go to the window of the Medical Insurance Settlement Center on the second floor of the Human Resources and Social Services Hall to apply for reimbursement by holding your social security card and checking the invoice.

Tianmen Medical Security Bureau

December 13, 2019

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