The Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress inspected the completion of ten practical matters of the municipal government

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Tianmen Daily (All media reporter Peng Dan and trainee reporter Xue Xiyao) On the 24th, Liu Xianzhu, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People ’s Congress, led some members of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People ’s Congress and representatives of the Municipal People ’s Congress to inspect the municipal government ’s completion of ten practical matters this year.

The inspection team successively went to the former parking lot of the Commission for Economics, Donghu Park (Phase II), the city's Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Duobao Town, and other places, respectively on the construction of urban parking lots, small amusement parks, urban greening, maternal and infant room construction, and rural road construction. Etc. were inspected. Everywhere, the members of the inspection team carefully asked the relevant person in charge to carefully understand the progress of the project construction.

According to reports, the municipal government's ten practical matters this year involved 27 individual tasks, including the construction of drug rehabilitation communities in township centers, construction of rural roads, construction of parking lots in urban areas, construction of small amusement parks, greening of urban areas, construction of maternity and baby rooms, renovation of barrier-free facilities in urban and rural public toilets, Ten items including home improvement for disabled persons and rehabilitation treatment for disabled children have been completed or exceeded. Four items, such as breeding pollution control, sewage pipe network construction, rural dilapidated house reconstruction, and culture to the countryside, have exceeded the planned schedule of the inverted row, and the remaining 13 tasks It is progressing as planned.

The inspection team believes that the municipal government attaches great importance to the relevant departments' actions and has actively promoted the ten practical matters in an orderly manner and achieved good results. The inspection team requested that the ten facts should be collected and paid off, not only with high standards, but also with high-quality management. For projects that have completed construction, improve the long-term mechanism for follow-up management and maintenance to ensure that the livelihood projects can maximize their benefits. For matters that need to be implemented across the year, set out a timetable, implement them quickly, and honor their commitments. For the ten practical things next year, Extensive opinions were sought from all quarters, and early planning and preparation of projects made the ten practical matters closer to the people's livelihood and in line with public opinion.

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