Ten facts of Tianmen City government in 2019

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推进城区学校合理布局,加快北湖教育园建设,推进竟陵初中、育才小学、市一小扩建,新建实验幼儿园;资助贫困学生2.4万人次。 Promote the rational distribution of schools in urban areas, speed up the construction of Beihu Educational Park, promote the expansion of Jingling Junior High School, Yucai Primary School, and a primary school in the city, and build experimental kindergartens; support 24,000 poor students.

提档升级村级党员群众服务中心50个;开展农村社区建设试点40个;改造升级乡镇农贸市场8个;完善全市乡镇中心戒毒社区14个,新建中心戒毒社区12个。 Upgrade and upgrade 50 village-level party member mass service centers; carry out 40 pilots of rural community construction; transform and upgrade 8 township farmers' markets; improve the city's 14 township center drug rehabilitation communities, and build 12 new drug rehabilitation communities.

改善农业农村基础条件,建设高标准农田14.2万亩;新建、改建农村公路200公里;实现乡镇镇区天然气全覆盖。 Improve the basic conditions of agriculture and rural areas, build 142,000 mu of high-standard farmland; build and rebuild 200 kilometers of rural roads; and achieve full natural gas coverage in towns and villages.

开展厕所革命,完成8万座农村户厕和380座农村公厕改造。 Launch the toilet revolution and complete the renovation of 80,000 rural household toilets and 380 rural public toilets.

开展中小养殖场污染治理;实施河湖常态化保洁工程。 Carry out pollution control in small and medium-sized farms; implement normalization of rivers and lakes cleaning projects.

● Expand the second water plant, transform the old water supply pipe network and supporting facilities in the urban area, and improve the water supply capacity in the urban area; continue to improve the supporting facilities of the urban sewage pipe network, and improve the rain and sewage diversion system in the urban area.

● 8 new parking lots in the urban area, 4 new amusement parks (parks), and a new green area of 500,000 square meters.

● Carry out the reconstruction of shantytowns with 2,200 sets; complete the renovation of rural "four types of objects" dangerous houses.

● Protect the rights and interests of the disabled, women and children, and construct 25 mother and baby rooms in key public places in the urban area; strengthen the reconstruction and construction of 125 urban and rural public toilets and barrier-free facilities; There are 120 barrier-free facilities such as Yuanshi ramp, etc .; 200 rehabilitative treatments for disabled children; and 100 households with barrier-free rehabilitation for families with disabilities.

● Strengthen the construction of public cultural service system, build and rebuild 15 township cultural stations; build 10 library branches and 12 branch art centers; carry out cultural activities to the countryside and send 10,000 movies to the countryside There are 50 operas in the countryside and 173 operas in the campus.

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