During the National Day, the weather in our city has changed a lot.

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On the 29th, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau released the weather forecast during the National Day: It is expected that during the National Day of our city (October 1-7), the temperature will be high in the early stage, and it will be affected by cold air in the later period, with weak rainfall and large temperature changes. The specific forecast is as follows:

October 1-3: sunny to cloudy, temperature 20-33 ° C; 4th: cloudy, temperature 20-33 ° C. On the 5th to 7th, affected by the more obvious cold air, there will be strong winds and cooling weather, there will be light rain for a short period of time, and the process temperature will generally be 6-9 ° C, and the local temperature will reach more than 10 ° C. The meteorological department reminded that during the National Day, the forest fire danger level is relatively high, so it is necessary to pay attention to strengthening precautions; at the later stage of the festival, the temperature drop is obvious, and the wind is strong. It is necessary to pay attention to prevent the adverse effects brought by the high wind temperature drop.

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