Affected by the El Nino phenomenon, Hubei may face south floods and droughts this year

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On April 26, I learned from the video conference on flood and drought disaster prevention work in the province that due to the impact of the El Nino phenomenon, the overall climatic conditions in Hubei during the flood season this year, heavy floods may occur in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and low rainfall in the upper reaches of the Han River may cause the middle and lower reaches In the case of drought and water shortage, our province may face the dual pressure of flooding from the south to the north.

This year, the climate of our province has been unusually significant. The temperature is generally high, the cold and warm fluctuates greatly, the total precipitation is low, and the rainy days are high. Disaster weather is frequent and frequent. In winter, low temperature and rainy weather are rare. In March, the process of weak and cold spring appears. Strong convection weather appears early. In April, two regional heavy rain processes have occurred.

The meteorological department predicts that the rainfall in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River during the flood season will be 20% to 40% higher than the previous year's average, and the rainfall in the upper Hanjiang River will be 10% to 30% lower than the previous year's average.

There may be continuous concentrated heavy rainfall and regional floods. The meteorological department predicts that in May, except for the southern Jianghan Plain and the southeast of Hubei, where the precipitation will be nearly 20% higher, most of the province will be lower by nearly 20%, and the northwestern Hubei will be 20% to 30% lower. During the main flood season (June-August), the province generally has more precipitation, higher temperatures, coexisting floods and droughts, and more severe floods than droughts. Except for less precipitation in northwest Hubei, most other regions have an increase of 10% to 50%, of which the southern and eastern regions have an increase of 20% to 50%. It entered the plum on June 20 and plum on July 15. The plum rain was 350 mm to 500 mm, which was 20% to 50% more than usual.

May encounter "two lakes" pinch flood situation. Because the rainfall center is located in the main stream of our province and the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and the northern part of the two lakes basins, the Dongting Lake may be settled and the Poyang Lake will be supported by high water levels. For disaster risks, flood prevention and drainage measures need to be arranged in advance.

A mid-summer drought may occur. After the emergence of plum blossoms, the temperature in most of the province is relatively high, and the number of high-temperature days is high. There is a high possibility of periodic drought.

In light of this year's complicated weather and climate situation, localities must plan ahead, take active precautions, and do their best in disaster defense. (Zhu Hua)

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